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HCQ Accessibility

This site has been designed and developed to ensure that its content is available to as many users as possible.

Accessibility features


  • people with disabilities who may use assistive technologies
  • people with slower internet connections (including some rural and regional users) or less than state-of-the-art equipment
  • people with non-PC internet devices including handheld devices, game consoles and mobile phones.

The accessibility features available on this site include:

  • access keys to access certain information using your keyboard
  • skip links and a logical tab order to navigate using assistive technologies
  • adherence to international web standards
  • ARIA compliant keyboard navigation for rich interactive components; and
  • the use of the Queensland Government Consistent User Experience Standard.

Keyboard access

The Health Consumers Queensland website has been developed to be fully accessible via keyboard and using alternate input devices.

Access keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts and deliver quick access to important links on this site without using your mouse.

Access keys may benefit people with motor skill difficulties who use assistive technologies.

The access keys used:

  • 1: Health Consumers Queensland website home page.
  • 2: Search Health Consumers Queensland site.
  • 3: Translate with Google translate tool.

How to use access keys:

  • If you are using a Windows computer: press Alt and the access key number to highlight the link. Press Enter to go to the linked page.
  • If you are using Macintosh computer: press Control and the access key number to highlight the link, then press Return to go to the linked page.

Skip links:

If you are using an assistive technology such as a screen reader to browse this site, skip links are provided at the beginning of the page to allow you to move quickly to key information such as the primary navigation, secondary navigation or content.

The links are not visible in a graphical browser but can be access as the first links in the tab order for each page.

Tab order:

The Health Consumers Queensland has a logical tab order for navigating without a mouse. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the next link or field. Use Shift plus Tab to move backwards, and the Enter key to follow links and submit forms. Most browsers support these functions.

Browser support

The Health Consumers Queensland strives to make its public web resources compatible with a range of browsers, devices and platforms.

This is achieved by developing web resources according to international web standards and best practice, and regular testing across a range of different browsers.

The content on the page you came from is accessible to all browsers and internet devices, but may not display well in browsers which do not comply with these standards. If you are experiencing problems with any of our pages, please let us know.


The site search facility can be found in the top right hand corner of all web pages on this site.

To perform a search, enter one or more words in the search box and click the search button (or press the Enter key on your keyboard).

As the search tool is not case-sensitive, there is no need to use capital letters. Using words such as a, an, the, or, and of will not improve the results of the search.

Any documents containing all your words will be displayed first, followed by documents that contain some of your words.

Each result will include:

  • a number indicating its position in the ranking
  • the document title shown as a link that can be selected
  • a short summary of the document