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For Consumers

For consumer representatives

We support health consumers and carers to be an effective voice in their role as a consumer representative and or advisory group member. In this section you will find consumer representation vacancies, resources, training opportunities and more.

Who is a consumer?

A consumer is a person who uses, or potentially uses health services, including their family and carers. Consumers may participate as individuals, groups, organisations of consumers, consumer representatives or communities.

Being a Consumer Representative

Health Consumers Queensland’s Network promotes and enables consumers to have a voice in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health policy, programs and services to achieve better health outcomes.

What is the role of a consumer representative?

A consumer representative’s role is to provide feedback to health providers to influence healthcare services, policy, systems and service reform from the consumer perspective.

The role of a consumer representative involves:

  • Representing health consumer and carer’s views to the committee/group
  • Providing a consumer perspective which reflects their health journey and the collective experience of health consumers
  • Helping the committee to think about things from a consumer perspective by raising consumer concerns and views
  • Providing broader community feedback rather than focus on one’s own individual experiences to inform system and service level improvements
  • Being engaged with formal and informal consumer networks
  • Attending and participating in committee meetings as agreed with the health service
  • Maintaining confidentiality and disclosure of conflicts of interest
  • Providing feedback to own networks of consumers as required

Although everyone is a consumer, not every committee member can represent consumers. Other committee members such as service providers, researchers or professionals are usually there to provide the perspective from that work area.