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For health consumers & carers

Health consumer rights

Consumer rights are protected in the Queensland Health system. These rights are outlined in the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights.

Australian Charter of Health Care Rights

The Australian Charter of Health Care Rights was adopted by all states in 2008. It provides consumers, carers and health service providers with a shared understanding of patient rights.

  1. Access – access to health service is a fundamental right for everyone
  2. Safety – consumers and health care providers are entitled to a safe and secure health care
  3. Respect – everyone has a right to be treated with respect and not experience discrimination
  4. Communication – the best health outcomes come from the full and open exchange of information between consumers and health staff
  5. Participation – Consumers must participate in decisions and choices about their care in order to get good health outcomes
  6. Privacy – all participants in the health care system need to respect the privacy of other people
  7. Comment – everyone benefits from feedback processes for consumers and that these concerns be resolved in an open, fair and timely manner

If you feel as though these rights have not been followed in the care that you have received, or you are unhappy with your health care treatment you have the right to complain.

Every health service has a complaints process you can follow if you are unhappy with the care you have received. For more information please see the complaints and feedback section.

For more information on the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights click here.