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For health providers


Here are some useful resources for health providers wanting to meaningly partner with consumers. Please email if you find other resources you think we should consider adding here.

Health Consumers Queensland

Health Consumers Queensland recommends that consumer representatives should be appropriately reimbursed and paid for their time and expertise – Remuneration and reimbursement for consumer representatives

NEWLY UPDATED An effective guide which assists health providers to develop meaningful partnership strategies with consumers and their communities – Consumer and Community Engagement Framework 2017

A useful guide for health providers developed by Health Consumers Queensland – Agency Handbook

Health Consumers Queensland brochure

Other resources:

Standard 2: Partnering with consumers – The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare have developed a number of standards that are used as part of hospital accreditation. Here you will find Standard 2: Partnering with consumers and the supportive resources developed by the Commission to support its implementation.

Tools and resources hub of Health Consumers NSW – With a growing collection of good quality resources already available, Health Consumers NSW have made them available in the one location. You will find links to useful documents, factsheets, guidelines and other websites.

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights – This charter applies to all health settings in Australia and includes information specifically for healthcare providers and ways in which you can use this charter.

Working Together Guide – Medicines Australia and Consumers Health Forum of Australia developed this resource providing guidance and examples for building collaborative relationships between individuals, health consumer organisations and research-based pharmaceutical companies.

National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Services Fact Sheets

Five fact sheets have been developed to support health service organisation’s improve their health literacy environment. The next version of the National Safety and Quality in Health Services Standards has a greater emphasis on partnerships with consumers and embedding health literacy into an organisation’s systems and processes. The following fact sheets link staff working in quality improvement to a range of tools and examples to help plan improvements to the organisation’s health literacy environment.

  • Fact sheet 1: an introduction to improving health literacy in your organisation
  • Fact sheet 2: making health literacy part of your policies and processes
  • Fact sheet 3: making way-finding easier
  • Fact sheet 4: writing health information for consumers
  • Fact sheet 5: supporting staff to meet health literacy needs.

The fact sheets are available to download from the ACSQHC website.