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For health providers

Why Health Consumers Queensland?

Health Consumers Queensland works with health providers to support you to build effective consumer partnerships and community relationships leading to the delivery of consumer centred care. We are funded to provide a range of services to Queensland public health services and we work with other health providers to support their consumer engagement strategies.


What is consumer centred care?

Consumer centred care is health care that builds relationships based on respect, communication and dignity. It promotes the participation of consumers and their family/carers in their care and their collaboration in the planning, design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of health services.

Why is partnering with consumers essential to what you do?

There are a number of reasons why partnering with consumers and carers is essential for health services.

Partnering leads to better health outcomes

There is emerging consensus in health care research of the value of consumer and community participation in the health system and patient-centred care (CHF, 2015).

“Research increasingly suggests that, not only is patient-centred care the right thing to do, it is associated with better health outcomes. Health services with high patient centricity are associated with reduced mortality and infection rates, reduced cost of care, decreased length of stay, and fewer readmissions, adverse incidents and complaints leading to litigation. The case for patient-centred care is compelling.” (Queensland Health, 2012, p. 30).

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

The Australian Government has recognised and formalised; through the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, the importance of patient-centred care and effective partnerships. Standard 2, Partnering with Consumers outlines the actions required of health services to do this.

According to Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care:

Partnering with consumers is about healthcare organisations, healthcare providers and policy-makers actively working with consumers to ensure that health information, systems and services meet their needs.

There are lots of terms used to describe the concepts that underpin partnerships with consumers, such as patient-centred care, consumer engagement, patient participation and citizen engagement.

Essentially, partnerships with consumers exist when:

  • Consumers are treated with dignity and respect
  • Information is shared with consumers
  • Participation and collaboration in healthcare processes are encouraged and supported to the extent that consumers choose

Partnering is simply good practice

We are all past or potential consumers within the health system. At their heart, patient centred care and partnering with consumers are focused on ensuring that every one of us gets care that is respectful, that gives us choice over our health and is responsive to our individual needs.