Recruiting Consumers

Health Consumers Queensland can work with staff of health organisations to recruit and support health consumer and carer representatives.

Once you are clear about the purpose of the activity you are recruiting for and the role any consumer representatives will play, you are ready to commence the consumer recruitment process.

Who can we work with?

Department of Health and Qld Health Staff

Health Consumers Queensland can work with Department of Health staff to recruit and support health consumer and carer representatives. 

Hospital and Health Service staff

If you work in a Hospital and Health Service (HHS), your Consumer Engagement staff are your first point of contact for recruiting consumers. Most HHSs have their own internal process to recruit consumers. We can support consumer recruitment in HHSs by promoting your activity in our eAlert. 

Private Sector

If you work in the private or non- government sector such as Primary Health Networks, private hospitals or universities, we can work with you to recruit and support health consumer and carer representatives.

Requests for service from organisations that are not a part of Queensland Health incur a service fee.


The Guide for Health Staff Partnering with Consumers is a step-by-step guide to help staff in health services develop effective consumer partnerships. This guide can be used by staff in any area and at any level of a health organisation to support partnering with consumers. View the Guide >

Just promotion?

Our weekly eAlert is emailed to over 2500 Queensland consumers and health service staff. Each edition includes selected opportunities for consumers from a number of external organisations. If your opportunity benefits health consumers in Queensland, you are welcome to request promotion in eAlert. If we agree to include your promotion, there will be no cost to you.  

Promotion requirements

  • Your opportunity needs to benefit health consumers in Queensland. Commercial promotion is not considered for eAlert.
  • Limit of 100 words
  • No attachments are included in eAlert – all extra information needs to be available online, accessed via a link in your promotional text
  • One image of your logo or similar branding image in JPG format, no bigger than 560 px wide and 100 px high.
  • Not all requests for promotion will be accepted


Good to go? email us at with the content you would like us to consider for promotion, including links and image.