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Plenary Session 1

Putting people front and centre: co-designing youth mental health service

Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry Implementation. (Panel discussion including Q&A)

Facilitator: Leonie Sanderson, Engagement Advisor, Health Consumers Queensland

  • Jeannine Kimber, Carer Representative
  • Katherine Moodie, Consumer Representative
  • John Allan, Executive Director, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, Queensland Health
  • Melissa Fox, CEO, Health Consumers Queensland
  • Gunther De Graeve, Managing Director, Destravis

The Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry and the government response to the Commission of Inquiry report noted the lack of consumer and carer consultation:

“…consultation with Barrett families and consumers after the closure of Barrett was not ideal. Beyond the involvement of carer and consumer representatives on the Expert Clinical Reference Group (ECRG), there was no evidence of any two-way consultation with Barrett families and consumers. There was also no evidence of a process for receiving the views of patients, families and carers, and therefore no scope for those views to influence the decision-making about Barrett”.

As a result, the project to implement the Commission of Inquiry recommendations includes an almost unprecedented amount of consumer and carer participation at the highest levels and in the development and design of services. After a short video presentation from the consumer angle, the panel discussion will highlight the consumer and carer perspectives of being part of such an important project – the background, the progress so far and the continued hopes for the future – as well as the Queensland Health view of the impact on service design and development and the collaborative approach taken to co-design.



The video played during this session is not yet available for public viewing. However, a transcript of the video is available below.

Transcript of Part 1A