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Breakout Room Sessions Day 2

Caring for Our Community – working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers in providing cancer care training – Cancer Council Qld

Cancer Council Queensland

  • Sherryn Davies, Manager, Cancer Information and Education
  • Patricia Kennedy, Member of the Greater Brisbane Advisory Group

Cancer Council Queensland’s Caring for Our Community is a two-day course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and includes information on cancer and cancer treatment, prevention, screening and early detection of cancer, and end-of-life care.

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Cancer Information Hub – Helping you take control of your cancer journey – Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

  • Alison Alexander, Safety and Quality Officer,
  • Cancer Care Services Gary Power and Anita McGrath, Consumer Representatives

In December 2014 Metro North Cancer Care Services (MNCCS) and QUT Creative Industries conducted a Consumer Forum that identified the need for a centralised repository housing standardised, relevant, reliable sources of information for patients aiming to improve health literacy using a variety of media for all patients and families across the MNCCS.

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Unparalleled co-design of youth mental health services with consumers and carers – Queensland Health & Health Consumers Queensland

Health Consumers Queensland & Queensland Health

  • Judith Piccone, Manager, Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, Queensland Health
  • Leonie Sanderson, Engagement Advisor, Health Consumers Queensland
  • Katherine Moodie, Consumer Representative

From the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre to the implementation of the Government response to the Commission of Inquiry Report recommendations to the next phase of work as part of the Youth Mental Health Program, the involvement of young people, their families, consumers and carers over the past four years in the co-design of new youth mental health services has gone from minimal to unparalleled. This workshop explored the journey of involvement for consumers and carers, lessons learned and the trajectory for the future.

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The integration of peer support workers into clinical mental health service delivery

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services (MSAMHS)

  • Karen McCann, Team Leader, Social Inclusion and Recovery (MSAMHS)
  • Georgina Moshudis, Peer Support Worker

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services acknowledge that people prefer to talk to someone who understands what they are going through, and by employing people with a lived experience of mental health issues to support others on their journey of recovery, have become the largest employer of a lived-experience workforce within any publically funded mental health service in Australasia.

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Plan Z to improve appointment attendance at Mount Isa

North West Hospital and Health Service

  • Christine Mann, Director of Cultural Capability and Engagement

“If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.” The changing development of engagement strategies to improve attendance at Mount Isa Hospital Outpatients Clinics. It takes a plan, learning from failures and persistence to gain trust and guidance from our consumers.

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Men’s Shed, residents, patients and staff creating wonderful opportunities and experiences

Community Indigenous and Subacute Services, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

  • Danielle Grant-Cross, Manager, Community and Strategic Relations Manager
  • Les Batson, Sandgate & Districts Men’s Shed

Presenters provided a PowerPoint presentation, showcasing photos, with a YouTube video sharing their consumer, shed members’ and staff’s views on the shed activities.

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Beyond the Reef: Maori and Pasifika Young People’s Wellbeing Project

University of Queensland and MANA Community Mentoring Inc

  • Dr Nicola Fa’avale, University of Queensland
  • Andrew Fa’avale, MANA Community Mentoring Inc
  • Sarai Tuuga and Tamika Taito, MANA Community Mentoring Inc., School of Public Health, UQ

The project investigated factors that impacted on Maori and Pasifika young people’s health and wellbeing. The project was led by the School of Public Health, University of Queensland in partnership with the School of Population Health, Pacific Health Sector, University of Auckland and with MANA Community Mentoring Inc., a community organisation focused on empowering Maori and Pasifika young people.

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Building QuIHN’s capacity for consumer engagement and participation

QuIHN (Queensland Injector’s Health Network) & QuIVAA (Queensland Injectors Voice for Advocacy and Action)

  • Julie Quicke, Consumer Engagement and Participation Project Officer
  • Niki Parry, President, QuIVAA and Project Manager
  • Jennifer Jones, Consumer Representative

QuIVAA, a service by drug users for drug users, advocates and represents the interests of Queensland substance users. QuIVAA has been contracted by QuIHN to co-design the Consumer Engagement and Participation Project (CEPP) with direction from service users with expert experience to build the capacity of the organisation to include the voice of consumers at individual, service, network and system levels. .

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Co-designed and situated consumer engagement: the hand hygiene Instabooth project

RBWH, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

  • Nicole Gavin, Manager, Consumer and Community Engagement
  • John-Michael Barrie, Consumer Representative

The presentation showcased the use of a situated consumer and community engagement practice (“the Instabooth” – walk-in interactive booth designed by QUT) and the co-design methodology used to better define, understand and solve the problem of hand hygiene and infection control in the hospital.

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Go green for wellbeing – consumers providing solutions

Metro South Hospital and Health Service

  • Amber Williamson, Senior Engagement Officer
  • Warren Stubbs, Consumer Representative

In a bid to deliver healthier food and drink choices throughout Metro South Health (MHS) a total of over 1,300 consumers, visitors and staff were actively involved in extensive engagement consultations that resulted in the following responses to consumer preferences: inclusion of a wide variety and choice of food and drink, massive reduction of unhealthy food and drink options and increase in healthy choices 24 hours per day.

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There’s really nothing to be afraid of! Engaging with consumers on the #hellomynameis initiative

PA Hospital Metro South Hospital and Health Service

  • Sarah Bailey, Allied Health Workforce Development Officer

The #hellomynameis Initiative is an international campaign that was established by a consumer, Dr Kate Granger, while undergoing treatment during her terminal illness. It highlights the critical importance of personal introductions and clear communication between health professionals and patients in healthcare settings. This presentation described the variety of ways in which consumers contributed, from the early planning stages through to the co-design of resources.

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Hear me out! The importance of patient stories

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

  • Lauren Northey, A/Principal Engagement Officer
  • Robert ‘Bob’ Rix, Consumer Representative

Patient stories are a true reflection of the patient experience, they offer a raw and often emotional look into how our healthcare system can impact the lives of the consumer – both positively and negatively. Understanding the lived patient journey opens the way – builds a bridge, between healthcare workers and the people they care for every day.

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