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Presentations Day 1

Presentations Day 1

It’s a marathon, not a sprint - what will consumer partnerships look like in the next 5 years?

Facilitated by Melissa Fox, CEO, Health Consumers Queensland

  • Robert Tamwoy, Consumer Representative, Bamaga
  • Rebecca Waqanikalou, Consumer Representative, Cairns
  • Darlene Cox, Executive Director, Health Care Consumers’ Association (HCCA)
  • Graham Reeks (pictured), Principal Engagement Officer, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service
  • Lisa Davies-Jones, Chief Executive, North West Hospital and Health Service
  • Robyn Littlewood, Director, Health Services Research Centre, Children’s Health Queensland
  • Michael Willis, Board Chair, West Moreton Hospital and Health Service

Listen and learn from a thought-provoking panel of “champions of consumers” from across the health system. Each panel member will give a 2-minute flash presentation about their vision of consumer partnerships in 5 years’ time. What will they look like? What decisions will be made together? How will they connect people and the system, and enable innovation that will strengthen the health outcomes and experiences of people receiving the care? What’s your role in making this happen? How do we get there?

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Presentations Day 1

Consumers Leading Consultation

Kitchen Table Discussions

  • Anne Curtis, Engagement Consultant – Special Projects, Health Consumers Queensland
  • Adele Witte, Kitchen Table Discussion Consumer Host
  • Kirstine Sketcher-Baker, Executive Director, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service, Clinical Excellence Queensland, Queensland Health

Hosted by health consumers and carers, Kitchen Table Discussions are an opportunity for community members who don’t attend formal consultations to influence the health system in a safe, friendly and supported environment. Invited by the host, participants each have a particular interest or experience of the consultation topic. In the last twelve months we have supported thirty health consumers and carers to host discussions in their local communities across Queensland, resulting in 252 community members being directly consulted on two projects for Clinical Excellence Queensland.

We will share how Kitchen Table Discussions work, how to host them, and why the hosts and their participants would like to see more of this type of consultation. We will also hear about the impact of the consultation to date and opportunities for all consumers to input further into this work.

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Presentations Day 1

From gen z to gen y: transforming youth engagement

Panel facilitated by Leonie Sanderson, Senior Engagement Advisor, Health Consumers Queensland and Tanya Kretschmann, Consumer Representative

  • Ash Polzin, Consumer Representative
  • Shalon Hunte, Peer Worker
  • Roxxanne MacDonald, Consumer Representative
  • Emil Cañita, Consumer Representative

Ever wanted to engage with young people but didn’t know where to start? Been putting youth engagement in the ‘too hard basket’? This lively panel of young health consumers will talk about their personal experiences of engagement – they will give you the lowdown on what helps, what gets in the way and advice for anyone pondering how to involve a diverse range of young people in the development, delivery and improvement of health services.

Presentations Day 1

Bringing genomics to the community – what do you want to know?

Queensland Genomics

  • Dr Erin Evans, Board Chair, Queensland Genomics
  • Satrio (Tiko) Nindyo Istiko, Queensland Genomics Community Group
  • Gary Hondow, Queensland Genomics Community Group
  • Sid Kaladharan, Project Officer, Indigenous Health Research Program – QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Katrina Cutler, Communications and Engagement Manager – Queensland Genomics
  • Dr Lindsay Fowles, Genetic Counsellor – Genetic Health Queensland

Advances in genomic medicine offer amazing opportunities to improve our health and wellbeing. Our DNA is currently being used to predict disease risk, diagnose patients and guide treatment – with use in everyday healthcare expected to grow exponentially in coming years due to advances in science and technology.

This session will provide a background on genomics in healthcare and an update on current Queensland Genomics projects. It’s an opportunity to ask your questions about genomics and find out how personalised healthcare can affect you and your family. Come along to join a robust discussion on personalised medicine in our community.

Presentations Day 1

Next level on the National Standards

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and Queensland Health

  • Naomi Poole, Director, Partnering with Consumers, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
  • Kirstine Sketcher-Baker, Executive Director, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service, Clinical Excellence Queensland, Queensland Health

Hospitals were accredited for six years under the first edition of the Standards, and have been accredited for the last six months under the new second edition. Hear a bird’s eye view from both a Queensland and national perspective about the impact of the Standards to date, and what elements of the new standards are driving change including:

  • revised version of Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers
  • new actions focused on health literacy, comprehensive care and care for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander consumers
  • piloting of short notice accreditation

Presentations Day 1

Meaningful engagement for women and families at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Metro North Hospital and Health Service

  • Jessica Toleman, A/Executive Director, Women’s and Newborn Services, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • Leah Hardiman, Consumer Lead

The executive team at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) are motivated to include women’s and family’s voices in the design and strategic planning of maternity, gynaecology and neonatology health services. The service line executive group of Women’s and Newborn invited a consumer representative to be a part of their team. Leah Hardiman was recruited into this position in January 2018. However, it was recognized that they wanted more than just a consumer representative at the monthly meetings. They wanted an onsite weekly presence within their hospital.

Presentations Day 1

Responding to the Social, Emotional and Mental Health Wellbeing needs of community across the age spectrum: children, youth and adults

Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service

Dr Kathy Anderson, CEO, Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service (TAIHS) will talk about the different entry points into wellbeing services, specifically looking at how community needs, and ways of engaging with TAIHS shape the service models. The presentation will focus on the partnerships – internal and external – that support the service model with a focus on early childhood, youth, and health programs, and the way wellbeing services are provided across these different program areas.

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Presentations Day 1

Innovative community based palliative care program

Northern Peninsula Area Family and Community Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

  • Kate Gallaway, CEO, Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) Family and Community Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation

Caring for community members who require palliative care in remote Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities is a challenging task. Normally this has been the domain of medical staff with patients often transferred to tertiary centres for ongoing care. However, the NPA Communities wanted to begin the journey of creating their own palliative care service so more of their people could spend their last months, weeks and days closer to family on country in their own communities. This led to the development of a partnership and the establishment of an innovative community based palliative care program.

Presentations Day 1

Putting the 'My' into consumer's Advance Care Plans

Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service

  • Isobel Moase, Quality Coordinator
  • Robert Tamwoy, Consumer Advisory Committee Chair

To help consumers and staff feel more comfortable having end of life care conversations and documenting their wishes, the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service (TCHHS) Consumer Advisory Committee, which is comprised of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, non-Indigenous and Mental Health consumers, worked with the Office of Advance Care Planning to adapt the Statement of Choices outer coversheet to be more user-friendly and explain Advance Care Planning in a more consumer-centred way. Although the changes were made with Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers in mind, the intent is that this version of the form can be used by anyone regardless of their cultural background.

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