Engagement Snack Pack


Consumer engagement training for Queensland Health staff

Grab your lunch and join us each Thursday for quick consumer engagement training via videoconference. Designed specifically for Queensland Health staff, this series will give you the practical advice you need to create or strengthen your collaborative partnerships with consumers. 

Who can participate?

Any staff of Queensland Health from the Department of Health and Hospital and Health Services.

How are the sessions structured?

Each 30-minute session begins with a 10-minute presentation followed by questions from the audience.

Read the session etiquette before you join >


Weekly video conference at 12.00-12.30 pm beginning Thursday 23 July

What are benefits of participating?

  • Short and focused
  • Practical strategies and tips
  • Allows for plenty of discussion
  • Convenient
  • Can be watched later for a limited time
  • Free of charge

Upcoming sessions

13 Aug: How to work effectively with consumers

  • Keys to successful partnering
  • Enablers for effective consumer partnerships
  • Challenging the barriers to consumer partnerships
  • Closing the feedback loop

20 Aug: How to support consumers to ensure successful partnerships

  • Principles of partnerships
  • Starting from recruitment through to completion of project
  • Preparing your consumers for success
  • Health and wellbeing of consumers

27 Aug: How to support staff to ensure successful partnerships

  • Staff qualities needed for effective consumer partnerships
  • Features of good practice
  • Health and wellbeing of staff


3 and 10 September: Q&A

  • There have been far more questions than we have had time to answer in the series. In these two bonus sessions we respond to some of the questions you have asked us.

Previous sessions

Introduction to consumer partnerships

  • Why partner?
  • Value of consumer partnerships
  • Role of a consumer

Best practice approach to consumer partnerships

  • Health Consumers Queensland Consumer and Community Engagement Framework:
  • Where partnering can happen
  • When to partner
  • Engagement spectrum
  • Principles of engagement

How to involve consumers

  • At different stages of a project
  • At different stages of consumer partnerships