Queensland Paediatric Quality Council (QPQC) Application for Steering Committee Members

Queensland Health

Closing Date: COB Thursday 21st November 2019

The Queensland Paediatric Quality Council is looking for two (2) consumer representatives to be part of the QPQC Steering Committee.

We are seeking expressions of interest from:

  • consumers who have experience as a parent/carer/consumer of Queensland Health paediatric services, and
  • have an interest/passion in patient quality and safety and preventative health services

Steering Committee Purpose

The QPQC Steering Committee is a multidisciplinary group which provides leadership, future planning and strategic governance for the QPQC.  The QPQC’s current areas of work include the priority areas of Infant Mortality and Clinical Incidents.

The major activities of the QPQC Steering Committee include:

  • Providing strategic direction and endorsement for the work of the QPQC and its 2 subcommittees (the Infant Mortality Subcommittee and the Clinical Incident Subcommittee);
  • Oversight of subcommittee projects;
  • Monitoring the QPQC budget and supporting grant applications;
  • Advocating for the work of the QPQC and its subcommittees and providing linkages with other stakeholders as required;
  • Oversight of research, ethics, data and integrity;
  • Responding to and actioning QPQC related correspondence.


Opportunities to host a Kitchen Table Discussion with your local community

Opportunities to host a Kitchen Table Discussion with your local community

Closing date: 12pm Friday 8 November

About the project

Health Consumers Queensland is offering 20 consumers and carers the opportunity to facilitate consultation with their local community to develop a Digital Health Consumer Charter for Queensland.

Digital Health Consumer Charter for Queensland

This is an opportunity for health consumers and carers to lead consultation and ensure the voice and vision of the wider community is incorporated into the Consumer Charter.


In the last decade, much has changed with how health is managed with IT systems – some hospitals now have entire digital systems with no bed charts or paper records; consumers can book GP appointments on-line, hospitals can now share key information digitally with your GP; some people track their health and wellbeing on tailored apps on their smart phones or with wearable devices.

We expect that this growth will continue to change the look and feel of healthcare and we’d like for consumers to be involved in shaping its direction. We would like to offer 20 consumers and carers the opportunity to host a Kitchen Table Discussion with their community members to hear directly from them in regard to evolving digital health and new technology in healthcare.

This will help to develop a set of principles that guides the future of digital health in Queensland for consumers.  It’s important that consumers and carers have a voice in this so that we continue to receive the care we want and need as we move into this new technological world.

About Kitchen Table Discussions

Kitchen Table Discussions are community engagement sessions led by local people for local people. They allow individuals and small groups to participate in discussions at a time of day, and in a place, that suits them. The discussions enable health consumers, carers and community members who do not ordinarily participate in healthcare consultation to have their say in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

Each Kitchen Table Discussion will be led by a Consumer Host with a strong community network to invite them to a discussion in a location of their choosing. The Host guides the discussion with a set of questions provided to them, and reports back the outcomes to Health Consumers Queensland. (more…)

Consumer Representatives: Queensland Health Consumer Collaborative

Closing date: Thursday 17 October 2019

Health Consumers Queensland is seeking 4 (four) health consumers or carers to join the Queensland Health Consumer Collaborative. The Collaborative is a joint initiative between Health Consumers Queensland and Queensland Health.


The Queensland Health Consumer Collaborative is a strategic, high level committee that informs the embedding of consumer partnerships at every level of planning, policy, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of services provided by the Department of Health and Hospital and Health Services.

The Collaborative also provides an opportunity for leaders in the Queensland health system to discuss issues and initiatives that require consumer and carer input from a state-wide perspective.

Health Consumers Queensland chairs the Collaborative, provides secretariat services and supports the appointed health consumer and carer members.

Role of the consumer/carer

It is expected that consumers will provide information and feedback to the Collaborative from a consumer perspective. Consumers/carers will draw on  their lived experience of using the health system as well as from the knowledge of the work they do as consumer representatives on other health committees and advisory groups.

The consumer/carer will be appointed for a two-year term and the first meeting will be held in early 2020 (dates to be confirmed).

Who is it for?

This opportunity is for consumers who have had at least two years’ experience as a consumer representative on a strategic committee or group. This can be a statewide or local level with the Department of Health, a Hospital and Health Service or a Primary Health Network. The consumers should have a system wide view of how the health system works in Queensland, and in particular, how the public health system delivers care to people. (more…)

Help name the new adolescent extended treatment centre


Closing date: 13 October 2019

Children’s Health Queensland is working with young people, families, carers and Queensland Health staff across Queensland to name the new Adolescent Extended Treatment Centre (for young people with severe and complex mental health issues).

We’re seeking the help of eight young leaders (aged 13 – 24 years) across different consumer communities to help make sure our process is inclusive and reflects the amazing diversity of young people across Queensland.

It’s just a short commitment – three meetings across October and November – but it will make a big difference in guiding the process and finding a name the resonates as widely as possible.


  • Young people who are:
    • Aged 13-24
    • Represent one of more of the following characteristics:
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander;
      • Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
      • LBTQI+
      • Have accessibility or disability requirements; or
      • Have lived experience of mental health services
    • Available to attend three meetings in October-November (on the dates listed below).


Provide guidance to the project team throughout the naming process, including:

  • Highlighting initial considerations or things for us to keep in mind
  • Providing advice about how to make the most of our engagement opportunities (and make sure they respect and reflect the diversity of consumers across Queensland)
  • Reviewing materials to make sure the language resonates across diverse group
  • Providing feedback (a ‘sense check’) on the initial short-list of names (including any unintended interpretations or meanings that may have significance across different communities)
  • Endorsing the final short-list of name options to be presented to the Minister for his consideration.


Care in the Right Setting Funding Program Panel

Closing date: COB Thursday 17 October

Queensland Department of Health

The Department of Health is providing a health consumer representative a unique opportunity to participate on the evaluation panel for the Care in the Right Setting (CaRS) Funding Program.   


In the future, more people will be receiving healthcare in their homes and communities. To improve access to healthcare and reduce the demand on hospitals, a variety of different ways of providing healthcare are being explored and invested in. One-off funding of up to $50 million over two financial years is available to trial and assess ideas to:

  • Improve patient flow
  • Promote right care in the right place at the right time for the right outcome
  • Reduce the growth in hospital activity

The CaRS program is dedicated to funding models of care that will support the provision of healthcare in the right setting and promote the appropriate and effective use of hospital services.

The following areas have known challenges for consumers and the health system, so will be the focus for this funding:

Palliative Care: Access to community-based palliative care services Queensland is a challenge. The aim is to enhance access to community-based palliative care services, particularly in rural and remote areas of Queensland. The goals are a better patient experience, and reducing preventable hospital admissions.

Unplanned care: Unplanned and emergency care is placing increasing demand on the healthcare system. Offering more options for care may reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. The goal is to deliver better care options in appropriate settings, with the aim of reducing unplanned presentations to Emergency Departments, hospital admissions, and reducing the length of hospital stays. (more…)