What is your view of the community pharmacy Urinary Tract Infections service?

Closing date: 5pm, Thursday 9 June 2022

Since the Department of Health implemented a statewide pilot of the management of urinary tract infections by community pharmacists (the UTI Pilot) in 2020, approximately 8,000 women have accessed the service and received treatment and/or onward referral.

Health Consumers Queensland is seeking up to 20 women, aged 18-65, to attend one of two focus groups to understand consumer perspectives towards the community pharmacy Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) service. The women we seek have either accessed the service, or would be eligible to receive the service if it continues as usual care in the future. 

This includes young people aged over 18, people living in rural and remote areas across Queensland, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culturally and linguistically diverse people and people living with disability.