Closing date extended: 9am, Monday, 23 November 2020

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) is recruiting two (2) consumer representatives to join the Low Benefit Care -surgery project working group.

Who is it for?

This opportunity would suit a consumer or carer representative with:

  • 12 months committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service, or statewide level, especially contributing to systems level reforms and improvement
  • an understanding of the Queensland Health system, responsibilities of sitting on a committee and of providing consumer feedback.

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) partners with Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvements in patient care through the continual pursuit of excellence.  CEQ does this by identifying, monitoring and promoting improvements in the quality of health services delivered by service providers (both HHSs and private health facilities, globally and within Queensland), and supporting and facilitating the dissemination of best-practice clinical standards and processes that achieve better outcomes for our patients.

What is low benefit care

The issue of value in health care, defined as care that provides little or no net benefit (low benefit care) in specific clinical scenarios, is a topic of discussions worldwide. Despite growing evidence that some diagnostics and treatments are unnecessary and add no benefit, low benefit care continues to be provided to patients.

Problem: Addressing Low Benefit Care – Surgery

Clinicians and consumers do not have access to an agreed list of surgical indicators that can be consistently measured to ensure the care provided to patients is safe, high quality and offers maximum benefit at minimal risk. 


To Develop a suite of Queensland specialty-specific, clinician and consumer identified procedures and associated indicators considered to represent low value in terms of risk and benefit to the patient.

  • to facilitate the alignment of evidence and practice with patient safety and clinical objectives (for the patient, clinician and the service)
  • to ensure the highest benefit surgical care possible is being delivered to Queenslanders.

Clinicians, health services and consumers partnered together to develop the Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) within outpatient services.  As seen with the development, acceptance and expansion of the CPC, defining the indicators for low benefit surgical procedures will provide a clinical framework to support clinical judgement and provide transparent, evidence-based criteria for decision making.

This partnership between clinicians, consumers, and health services, supported by the Department of Health (via the Healthcare Improvement Unit, Clinical Excellence Queensland) and driven by consultant and consumer leadership, will enable clinicians and patients to make more informed treatment choices, improve the patient and clinician experience and outcomes, and improve the quality, safety, appropriateness and efficiency of care.


The various working groups will include representative/s from medical specialties, allied health professionals, nurses, general practitioners and consumers.

There will be a clinical chair for each of the working groups representing their specialty.

Role of the consumer

The role of the successful applicant will be to attend working group meetings and to actively participate in all working group activities such as pre-meeting reading, discussions, provision of feedback and advice.

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