Consumers and carers are invited to join us for focus groups to inform on the development of a Digital Health Consumer Charter for Queensland

Join us at one of several focus groups we are facilitating for regional consumers and carers to inform the development of a Digital Health Consumer Charter for Queensland. Health Consumers Queensland is partnering with Clinical Excellence Queensland on this project.


In the last decade, much has changed with how health is managed with IT systems – some hospitals now have entire digital systems with no bed charts or paper records; consumers can book GP appointments on-line, hospitals can now share key information digitally with your GP; some people track their health and wellbeing on tailored apps on their smart phones or with wearable devices.

We expect that this growth will continue to change the look and feel of health care and we’d like for consumers to be involved in shaping its direction. We would like to hear directly from you about what is important to you when you receive health care. This will help us to develop a set of principles that guides the future of digital health in Queensland. It’s important that consumers and carers have a voice in this so that we continue to receive the care we want and need.

Locations and registrations

Townsville 1 October >
Cairns 2 October >

The objective of this consultation process is to determine:

  • If the strategies outlined in the Digital Health Strategic Vision for Queensland 2026 should inform the guiding principles for a Digital Health Consumer Charter
  • What other guiding principles would consumers want in a Digital Health Consumer Charter
  • Should there be alignment between a Digital Health Consumer Charter and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare’s version two of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights 
  • How would consumers want the Consumer Charter promoted to Queenslanders, and
  • How and where should the Consumer Charter be implemented by Queensland Heath

The proposed outcome from this consultation is:

  • Development and implementation of a Digital Health Consumer Charter for Queensland
  • The Digital Health Consumer Charter to inform the ongoing digital health strategic direction for Queensland alongside the Queensland Digital Clinical Charter 

Your input will help develop a draft charter with guiding principles that will then go out for further consultation and input through 20 consumer-led Kitchen Table Discussions that will be held in October 2019.

The focus groups will run for one hour and attendees will receive a $40 gift voucher for their time from Health Consumers Queensland.

Pre-reading will be sent out in advance of the session and refreshments will be provided.

A maximum of 10 people can attend each focus group, and an RSVP is essential.

For further information please contact [email protected] or [email protected]