Closing date: Thursday 12 September 2019 

CheckUP is providing a health consumer representative with a unique opportunity to participate on an Advisory Group for the Primary Care – Genomics for GPs Initiative (the Initiative).
CheckUP is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to better health for people and communities who need it most.
CheckUP has been funded by Queensland Genomics to undertake a Primary Care – Genomics for GPs Initiative. The overall aim of the initiative to is ensure the General Practice workforce can incorporate genomics into everyday healthcare by confidently and accurately using genomic information in clinical decision making. CheckUP will work in partnership with Queensland Genomics, Queensland Primary Healthcare Network’s, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and a Genomics Primary Care Advisory Group to develop a GP engagement strategy, develop RACGP accredited education modules and deliver 6 workshops across Queensland that specifically target General Practitioners. Having a consumer involved in this process will be an integral role to inform and input into this initiative.
Consumers accessing genetic testing themselves online or via research studies or specialist services is becoming increasingly common.  Primary care will be the first port of call for people who have received results concerning themselves or their relatives. Improvements in genomics education are needed to prepare primary care providers for the impact of ongoing rapid advances in genomics.
What is Genomics?
Genomics studies the unique genetic make-up of individuals and is set to revolutionise healthcare. It will lead to better prevention, prediction and diagnosis of disease, and improved treatment, management and cures. Genomics is an important emerging field in medicine that have increasing relevance and impact in general practice. Genomics plays a role in many conditions seen in primary care everyday including rare diseases and chronic conditions such as cancer and diabetes.


The key purpose of the Genomics Primary Care Advisory Group is to provide advice on the implementation of the GP engagement strategy and the content of the education modules.
The Advisory Group will:
  1. Provide advice and feedback on the education modules developed for GPs.
  2. Provide advice on the roll-out of the GP training workshops.
  3. Review and provide feedback on the GP Engagement Strategy.
  4. Put forward ideas and proposals to further support the integration of Genomics in General Practice in the future.
  5. Provide advice to Queensland Genomics Project Steering Group as required.
Membership of the Advisory Group will include representation from:
  • Queensland Genomics
  • CheckUP
  • General Practice
  • Consumer Representative– Provided by Health Consumers Queensland
  • Relevant Primary Health Networks
  • Relevant Divisions of General Practice
  • Other representatives as determined by Queensland Genomics

Role of the Consumer

The consumer representative on the Genomics Primary Care Advisory Group have the key role of adding the consumer/patient perspective to the project. It is important that GPs have an understanding of genomics from a patient perspective so that genomic information is appropriately used in clinical decision making, that informs the consumer.

The successful applicant is required to attend all Advisory Group meetings and to actively participate in all activities such as pre-meeting reading, discussions, provision of feedback and advice.

Who is this for?

This opportunity would suit a consumer representative with at least 6 months’ committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service, or Statewide level. An understanding of genomics would be ideal for the consumer representative. However, a consumer with an interest would also be suitable as CheckUP will ensure consumers receive the appropriate support to feel confident contributing to the project.

Time and location

Advisory Group members are asked to attend/participate in up to three meetings which will be held quarterly. The first meeting will take place in late September 2019 (date to be confirmed) with additional meeting dates to be scheduled. Advisory Group meetings will be held at CheckUP, Level 2/36, Russell Street, South Brisbane. A face to face meeting opportunity is available and travel costs will be covered for consumers who are based outside Brisbane. However, there is also an option to dial in via teleconference, if preferred.

Remuneration and support

Consumer representatives will be remunerated at $187.50 per meeting which includes pre-reading, travel time, expenses, and parking as well as travel costs. Morning/afternoon tea or lunch will be provided at the meetings.

Successful applicants will be given a background briefing via phone prior to the first meeting and will be supported by the CheckUP Business Coordinator should they require additional information and/or support to link with other group members.

How To Apply

Please complete this consumer application form and return to [email protected] by Thursday 12th September 2019.

For assistance please contact Health Consumers Queensland via [email protected] or by phone on 07 3012 9090.

For queries relating to the Genomics Primary Care Advisory Group please call Sabrina Kerr, Business Coordinator Tuesday- Wednesday on 07 3105 8309 or [email protected].

*** We request that completed Expressions of Interest are sent only to Health Consumers Queensland **