Our signature Fundamentals of Consumer training has been repackaged for online delivery.

Get a deeper understanding of consumer partnerships in health. Understand your role as a health consumer representative and how to partner effectively with health organisations.

Next series 1 and 2 September 4:00pm

Who can participate?

• For any health consumer representative and carer who has been partnering with health
organisations and wants to strengthen their partnerships.
• Open to all health consumer representatives and carers regardless of your experience with consumer partnerships.

What are the benefits of participating?

• Deeper dive into fundamentals of consumer partnerships.
• Training split into two sessions to allow for flexibility of attendance.
• Free of charge.

Session structure and delivery

• 2 x 1 hour online sessions.
• You only need to register once to attend both sessions.
• Attendance of both sessions completes the training.
• Delivered via Zoom Meetings.
• You will need access to the internet and a device with a camera and microphone to
participate in this online training.


• Fundamentals of consumer partnerships.
• Drivers of consumer partnerships.
• Understand your role as a consumer representative better.
• Strategies and tips how to partner effectively with health organisations.

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