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At Health Consumers Queensland we have never seen the health system work this hard and this collaboratively to care for its consumers.

The challenges for Health Consumers Queensland and Queensland Health mean we need to work closely together to ensure consumers are brought in at the right time to influence plans, and public-facing communications and directives.

Here we update you on the latest work with consumers and staff and share how consumer input is impacting how Queensland Health supports and informs Queenslanders around COVID-19.

Queensland Health Resources

Queensland Health has produced a range of resources to help consumers prepare for the expected increase in COVID cases. Topics include preparing your family, what happens if you test positive and where to get help. There are sections with specific information for people living in regional areas, First Nations communities, residents of Aged Care facilities and more.

Visit the Queensland Health Get COVID ready page >

Visit the main Qld Health COVID page, which has highlights and links to the latest information >

Latest updates

“Working together for the best care possible” – What health consumers and carers are saying on Friday 4 February 2022

During a conversation with Torres Strait Islander Elders this week, one of the Elders asked: “Are we doing the best we can?”

HCQ asks each of us to consider that question. Are we working together with the right people, inside and outside our organisations/networks, to do the best we can?

Key issues for health consumers and carers this week focus on what’s working well with communications about COVID-19:  improvements to Queensland Health’s website are much appreciated; HealthDirect’s information is hitting the mark but needs better promotion and telehealth information and experience is a plus.

Consumers still need tailored advice from hotlines and now that schools are back to face-to-face lessons, consistent and accessible information would be valued.

Read the full summary in our latest issues paper >

Issues Paper: Get Back to Basics

As the first month of 2022 draws to a close, Health Consumers Queensland continues to listen to health consumer and carers across the state of their experience of accessing, getting and receiving healthcare and information.

This week the key themes that have emerged from health consumers include significant concerns for people’s safety and wellbeing in Residential Aged Care Facilities, those locking down for long periods of time, and people with disability.

 A joint statement from consumers, community, clinician and unions was issued called for immediate action from both the Commonwealth and State governments to give priority access to key measures for people with disability. Read the joint statement here: Open Letter to Commonwealth and State governments calling for immediate actions – Queenslanders With Disability Network (qdn.org.au)

There is still widespread lack of access to RATs for those who need them most.

And getting the right, simple and easy to follow information on all things COVID when so much is changing so quickly.

  • Significant concerns about safety and wellbeing for people with disability and aged care residents
  • Communication gaps
  • Lack of access to RATs

Read the Issues Paper to understand the issues in more detail.

“There is no time” – What consumers have told us this week (17-21 January 2022)

From a system that doesn’t support people with any vulnerabilities, including those with a disability, to a growing sense that we’ve run out of time, both consumers and health staff want a plan forward rather than crisis management.

The key themes you raised during HCQ’s Thursday evening online Coffee & Connect session and other online engagement included:

• Access to care and care for COVID patients
• Testing
• Vaccinations
• On-going health concerns (not COVID-related)
• Long COVID
• Be open and transparent

Read the full summary here >

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