Residential Aged Care Facilities

Resources and information for residential aged care facilities to communicate with residents and families during COVID-19


A group of Queensland-based non-government organisations have collaborated to develop a communication and engagement checklist for residential facilities during COVID-19. This can be used for any organisation that provides care and support for residents, either in short or long-term care.

Staff training

Training based on the Communication and Engagement Checklist was delivered on 5 August 2020 as part of the Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer (OCNMO) -based COVID 19 Leadership and Skills Development Series. You can access resources from this training:

Other resources

Resources from Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) and ADA Australia

  • Know your rights during COVID-19 >
    For residents and famiies. Explanation of your rights in aged care, how to get help, and the Charter of Aged Care Rights. (Printable PDF)
  • Provider fact sheet >
    Gives an overview of the COVID-19 resources produced by OPAN, several of which we have included here on this page. Also covers information on supporting residents and families in COVID-19 outbreak. (Printable PDF)
  • A3 Poster: COVID explainer >
  • A5 Poster: COVID explainer >
    Posters in two sizes for display in care facilities. Explains that there have been changes to keep everyone safe. (Printable PDFs)

Check for understanding

Teach back is an evidence-based communication technique that improves consumers’ recall and understanding of key health-related information. It aids effective communication so residents and families understand the information you are telling them.

Following are some Australian resources:

Tasmanian Department of Health: Checking understanding

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare: Health Literacy (PDF)



OPAN has developed a range of resources for RACF’s and their residents experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak/lockdown. These include a series of videos by Dr Norman Swan discussing the changes that are happening at the facility – PPE, changes to visits, food etc.  Videos 1 and 2 have been translated into a range of languages.

Video 1: Older Persons’ COVID-19 Support Line promotional video  (60 seconds)

Video 2:  OPAN Norman Swan Residential Care Outbreak Explainer Video (4:15)

  • This video is particularly targeted for anyone in a residential facility that’s experiencing an outbreak
  • View >

Video 3: OPAN Norman Swan Industry Code & Advocacy Explainer Video