Closing date: 12pm, Tuesday 4 October 2022

Health Consumers Queensland has been contracted by the Queensland Department of Health to undertake consultation with Queenslanders about their ideas for a future health system that delivers modern, person-centred and equitable care for all. This feedback will inform the development of a new 10-year health reform strategy.

Health Consumers Queensland has an opportunity for 16 consumers to host a Kitchen Table Discussion or Yarning Circle with community members to hear about their priorities and make sure our reform program meets the needs of the community and sets us up to deliver safe, appropriate, timely, and future focused care.

As the host, your role will be to plan, coordinate and host a once-only 90-minute to two-hour discussion with community members. This includes:

  • Inviting your participants
  • Choosing a time, date and venue or online between 8 and 23 October 2022 that works for your participants
  • Host the session
  • Complete and provide the discussion feedback to Health Consumers Queensland by 25 October.

Each host will receive comprehensive training, project briefing, resources and ongoing support from HCQ.

About Kitchen Table Discussions

Kitchen Table Discussions are consultation sessions led by local people for local people. They allow small groups to participate in discussions at a time of day, and in a place, that suits them. The discussions enable health consumers, carers and community members who do not ordinarily participate in healthcare consultation to have their say in a safe, informal, and supportive environment.

Each Kitchen Table Discussion or Yarning Circle will be led by a Consumer or Carer Host with a strong community network. The host will invite up to ten community members to a discussion in a location of their choosing. If hosting a session online via Zoom or Skype, the host will invite up to six community members to participate.

The Host guides the discussion with a set of questions provided to them. After the session, the host provides their participants’ feedback to Health Consumers Queensland for incorporation into a report back to Queensland Health.

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