EXTENDED Closing date: 5pm,Monday 19 April 2021

Evidn in partnership with Queensland Health is seeking (20) twenty consumers and carers from across Queensland to have your say in a low value care workshop to help guide the development of recommendations to Queensland Health that will inform future initiatives aimed at reducing low value care.

We are looking for a diverse mix of consumers and carers, including those that have experience in gastroenterology and cancer care.


Improving the quality of healthcare is a priority for the Queensland Government. An important aspect to improving the overall quality of care, is to reduce ‘Low Value Care’.

Queensland Health has partnered with behavioural science company, Evidn, to conduct this work and develop recommendations for improving the quality-of-care patients receive. Many of the factors that potentially influence the provision of low value care are behavioural and/or attitudinal (e.g., biases and/or skills of clinicians to communicate). This project seeks to understand why low value care occurs and what can be done to address it from a behavioural science perspective.

This project is being conducted as part of the Effective Change Through Behavioural Science project, which is embedded within the broader Choosing Better Care Together program.

Consumers will be asked to share their lived experience in the context of low value care and help guide the development of recommendations for trialing across the gastroenterology and cancer care specialties at the Royal Brisbane and Princess Alexandra hospitals.

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