Closing 9am Monday 29 June

Share the common perspectives of members of your organisation, population group or network and contribute your own experiences or those of your family members to Qld Clinical Guidelines committees and initiatives.

Queensland Clinical Guidelines (QCG)

QCG is seeking one (1) maternity or neonatal health consumer representative to participate on their Steering Committee.

Queensland Clinical Guidelines (QCG) produces, maintains and supports the implementation of evidence informed statewide clinical guidelines for Queensland. All QCG materials are available at

QCG initiatives engage clinicians, families and healthcare policy makers to support:

  • Evidence informed frontline clinical decision making
  • Family centered service planning and care delivery processes
  • Access to workforce development resources, particularly in rural and remote areas
  • Better healthcare experiences for women and their families

Clinicians are supported to integrate the guidelines into local clinical practice through clinician education resources (e.g. power point presentations, online knowledge assessments, recognition of professional development), quality measures, and responsive engagement.

QCG engages with consumers in a variety of ways including formal recruitment, selection and remuneration processes for involvement in the QCG steering committee.


The purpose of the consumer representative role is to share the common perspectives of members of your organisation, population group or network and to contribute your own experiences or those of your family members to QCG guidelines, committees and initiatives.

QCG committee membership and terms of reference can be accessed via the consumer engagement strategy.

Role of the consumer

Consumer representatives’ roles and responsibilities include, to:

  • Raise issues and prompt the other members of the Steering Committee to consider issues from a different experience base and range of perspectives
  • Assess evidence and draft recommendations alongside health professionals
  • Be accountable to their nominating organisation
  • Operate within the conditions of their appointment (including any terms of reference)
  • Declare any actual or perceived conflicts of interest (COI), undergo a criminal history check and disclose any previous or current employment as a lobbyist
  • Adhere to confidentiality requirements, and be held accountable to the committee for maintaining confidentiality and protecting privacy and declaring conflicts of interest in line with Queensland Health policies
  • Attend virtual Steering Committee meetings (held every second month) and actively participate in all Steering Committee activities such as pre-meeting reading, discussions, provision of feedback and advice
  • Read/review/endorse/provide feedback on QCG documents that are being presented to the Steering committee for endorsement

Who is it for?

You will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the following key attributes. Within the context of the responsibilities described above, the ideal consumer will be someone who can demonstrate the following:

  • Experience as a patient, consumer or carer of maternity and or neonatal health care and a representative of an organisation relevant to these
  • An ability and willingness to reflect the experiences of a wider group of people through patient organisations, forums or self-help groups
  • The time and commitment to attend meetings, do background reading and comment on draft documents
  • Personal skills including teamwork, communication and computer literacy

No formal qualifications are required.

Access to a phone, computer and internet, and some computer literacy is required as the steering committee does not meet face-to-face. Queensland Health employees cannot be remunerated for consumer representation.

Time and location

Steering committee meetings are held via Microsoft Teams every 2 months however there are occasions when out of session endorsement of various QCG clinical documents is required via email.

Remuneration and Support

QCG operational requirements and conditions of your appointment include that you:

Criminal History Checks and compliance to the Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service are required for all employees, volunteers, students, consultants and independent contractors under the Public Service Act.

Consumers will be remunerated for their time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s remuneration position statement and QCG remuneration position statement.

QCG staff will provide the successful consumer representative with pre and post meeting briefings, if needed.

How to apply

Please complete the consumer application form and return to [email protected] by 9.00am Monday 29th June 2020

Download the application form >

For assistance please contact Health Consumers Queensland via [email protected] or by phone on 07 3012 9090.