Closing date: Sunday 28 May 2023

Live in a rural or remote community in Queensland? Do you or a family member have a chronic health condition where you need regular and attentive care?

Amplify the voices of people who live and work in rural and remote Queensland and need to access quality and timely health care.

The Office of Rural and Remote Health (ORRH) is seeking one consumer representative who lives in a rural or remote community and has an understanding of the health system from their own lived experience to be a member on the soon-to-be established Rural and Remote Advisory for Community, Strategy and OperatioNs (RRACSON).

The well-documented challenges associated with delivering high-quality health care in rural and remote communities will require innovative and transformational solutions in the coming years. By joining this committee you will ensure the voices and experiences of rural and remote consumers are heard so decisions are more likely to meet their needs.

The committee will provide a multidisciplinary and multiagency perspective on rural and remote issues including:

  • Advising the ORRH around the needs, issues, challenges, and opportunities associated with delivery of health care in rural and remote communities.
  • Advising on the implementation of the Rural and Remote Health and Wellbeing Strategy and other system-level strategies.
  • Providing an advisory body for Department of Health consultation and input.

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