Closing date for applications extended: 9am Wednesday 7 April 2021

Are you a consumer and carer with experience of moving between Queensland and other states and territories within Australia, or vice versa, whilst receiving civil involuntary mental health treatment?

The National Mutual Recognition Project

Queensland’s Health Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, is hosting the National Mutual Recognition Project on behalf of the Commonwealth Mental Health Principal Committee. The project team is developing a national legislative scheme for the mutual recognition of civil involuntary mental health orders across Australian states and territories. In effect, this will mean that a civil mental health order made in Queensland will be automatically recognised in another state or territory, and vice versa.

Civil Mental Health Orders are orders that allow a person to be given treatment and care for their mental illness without their consent. In Queensland these orders are called treatment authorities but in other states and territories they have difference names such as treatment orders or care orders.

Purpose of the Consultation

The project team is seeking feedback from consumer and carers during an online consultation session lasting up to two hours on the proposed national scheme to inform how it will be set up and run. They will be holding similar consultations with consumers and carers in all states and territories within Australia.

The Consultation will focus on the practical implications of the proposed scheme, e.g:

  • issues around setting it up and putting it in place
  • thinking about any unintended consequences,
  • any barriers or opportunities for the effective functioning of the scheme,
  • how best to communicate information about the scheme

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