Closing date: 9am, Friday, 12 January 2024

The Statewide Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Clinical Network (SWAPNet) is a group of multidisciplinary clinicians that provide input into and influence key decision makers and health services in Queensland. The Network was established in 2007 to improve anaesthesia and perioperative service delivery. Some of the Network’s current priorities include Rural Perioperative Team Training Program, Environmental Accountability and Pre-anaesthetic Evaluation Framework.

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What is perioperative care?

Perioperative care includes all care from the time a patient is advised that a procedure may be appropriate or necessary until specialist medical management is no longer needed. It includes pre-operative assessment, planning and provision of anaesthesia, and post-operative care including pain management, fluid and electrolyte management, resuscitation and relevant medical management.

The SWAPNeT is seeking consumers for two separate roles:

  1. Consumer member of Queensland Perioperative Quality Assurance and Research Alliance
  2. Consumer member of the SWAPNeT Steering Committee

1. Queensland Perioperative Quality Assurance and Research Alliance

The purpose of the Queensland Perioperative Quality Improvement and Research Alliance is to identify research with the view to promoting awareness and quality improvement in relation to perioperative best practice in Queensland public and private hospitals. The working group reports and when required, escalates issues to the SWAPNet Steering Committee. The consumer member would need experience as a consumer research partner.

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2. SWAPNeT Steering Committee

A multidisciplinary steering committee represents the broader SWAPNeT membership and assists the Network Chairs to administer and lead the network. Communication, collaboration and consensus underpin all decisions made by the steering committee on behalf of the network. Meetings are held every 6 weeks or as required in person or video conference.

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Who would these opportunities suit?

These opportunities would suit a consumer or carer representative with:

  • A lived experience or caring for someone who has accessed anaesthesia and perioperative care
  • Experience or have an interest in research as consumer partners in research projects
  • some experience representing consumers on executive level committees or working groups
  • experience working with multi-disciplinary clinical teams
  • a good understanding of the future of healthcare from a consumer or carer perspective
  • well-developed written and communication skills