Closing date: 9am Tuesday 6 October, 2020

Queensland Department of Health

The Department of Health is providing one health consumer representative the opportunity to participate in the Statewide Services Advisory Committee (SSAC) to help establish system-level performance oversight and monitoring of statewide and highly specialised services.

Statewide services are described as those where there is advantage in having a system-wide model of service delivery and the Department of Health commissions the service from one (or a limited number of) Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) on behalf of other HHSs in the state.


The SSAC has been established to provide recommendations to the System Management advisory Committee (SMC) on establishing system-level, performance oversight and monitoring of statewide and highly specialised services. The SSAC will address a range of issues to create safe, high quality, accessible and clinically sustainable statewide and highly specialised services.

In its role, the SSAC will make recommendations to SMC, and SMC may refer issues to the SSAC for advice on:

  • Establishing system performance monitoring (inclusive of clinical outcomes, equity of access and key performance indicators)
  • Establishing strategic governance arrangements to support the performance monitoring function
  • Deciding system manager governance to monitor the performance of non-clinical statewide services
  • Establishing a process to determine new statewide or highly specialised services
  • Approach to purchasing services for the 2021-22 service agreements and future service agreements.

Membership of the Committee will include:

  • Deputy Director-General, Healthcare Purchasing and System Performance Division (Chair)
  • Deputy Director General, Clinical Excellence Queensland
  • Health Service Chief Executive Forum
  • Queensland Clinical Senate representative
  • Chair, Clinical Network Executive Committee
  • Chief Executive, Health Consumers Queensland
  • Acting Deputy Director-General and Chief Medical Officer Prevention Division, and Chief Clinical Information Officer
  • Senior Director, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, Clinical Excellence Division
  • Executive Director, Aeromedical Retrieval and Disaster Management
  • Executive Director, Health Service Strategy and Planning Metro North HHS
  • Director Strategy and Planning, Children’s Health Queensland
  • Consumer representative


See the SSAC Terms of Reference >

Role of the consumer

The role of the successful applicant will be to attend all SSAC meetings and to actively participate in all Steering Committee activities such as pre-meeting reading, discussions, provision of feedback and advice, including on out-of-session matters.

Who is it for?

This opportunity would suit a consumer or carer representative with at least 6 -12 months committee experience, either at the Hospital and Health Service, or Statewide level.

Time and location

The first meeting will be held on Wednesday 14 October 2020 and every month thereafter.

Meetings will be held at the Department of Health, 33 Charlotte St Brisbane with a Microsoft Teams facility available for participants to attend remotely.

Remuneration and Support

Consumers will be remunerated for their time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s remuneration position statement. Parking and travel expenses will be covered (Brisbane only) if participants are requested to attend in person.

How to apply

Please complete this consumer application form and return to [email protected] by 9.00am Tuesday 6 October.

For assistance please contact Health Consumers Queensland via [email protected] or by phone on 07 3012 9090.