Closing date: 9am, Thursday 14 September 2023

The Health Contact Centre is offering four (4) consumers and carers the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of the Way to Wellness online portal to ensure it meets the needs of consumers accessing this service.

About the Way to Wellness Online Portal

The Way to Wellness Online service supports adult patients who are booked for knee, hip or shoulder surgery to improve their risk factors and optimise their health and wellbeing, leading into surgery. It is delivered online and over the phone by trained telephone counsellors within the Queensland Health Contact Centre. The Health Contact Centre is committed to promoting health and well-being through vital telehealth and online services such as 13 HEALTH and Quitline.

Partnering with consumers is an essential part of developing and growing our digital services to ensure our services meet the needs of those who are using our services.

If you’re passionate about improving how information is accessed, received and used and have access to the internet, we invite you to use the portal and provide feedback on your experience through an online survey.

  • We are seeking consumers and carers across Queensland to review and provide feedback by identifying any strengths or areas of improvement of the Way to Wellness online survey.
    Usually, patients who are booked in for knee, hip or shoulder surgery within a Queensland Public Hospital receive an SMS with a link to the online survey and are asked to complete it as the first step of engaging with the online service.
  • The questions in the survey relate to a patient’s general health and wellbeing and cover areas like smoking, weight and diabetes. Patients are provided advice relevant to their responses to either maintain or improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Those who are unable to use the online survey are given the option of a telephone counsellor who will call the patient and complete it over the phone.
  • We are seeking feedback on the components of the online portal that impact the patient experience. The advice we provide is in line with Australian Clinical Guidelines and is only changed based on the guidelines changing. We are therefore not seeking feedback on the advice provided but the language, phrasing and delivery of the advice.
  • The survey aims to identify areas for improvement and refine the technical aspects of the portal, making it an even more valuable tool for health education and support.

Role of the consumer

Consumers will be asked to complete two tasks:

  1. Review the online portal
  2. Complete an online survey to provide feedback on the experience

Who is it for?

  • The Health Contact Centre want to ensure a diverse range of consumers and carers participate in this review, with varied lived experience of the health system;
  • who live across Queensland
  • from rural or remote locations
  • We encourage consumers who identify as First Nations or from a multicultural background to apply for this role.

Please note: You do not need to be currently on a waitlist for knee, hip or shoulder surgery to participate in this online Way to Wellness portal review.

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