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Patient Wellness Clinical Pathway Expert Working Group

Closing date: 9am Wednesday 3 July  

Health and Wellbeing Unit, Preventative Health Branch, Queensland Health

The Health and Wellbeing Unit’s Planning Team is responsible for the planning, procurement, partnering and program management activities supporting the Unit’s preventive health priorities of overweight and obesity, smoking cessation and sun safety. In partnership with the government and non-government sectors, the team facilitates implementation of initiatives in the areas of personal skills development, health risk assessment, early intervention and counselling, social marketing and sector development.


The Patient Wellness Clinical Pathway, Quality Improvement Payment is an initiative that will formalise the assessment that Specialists currently make regarding changeable lifestyle risk factors. It will also provide resourcing to support the patient in increasing healthy lifestyle behaviours.

The Pathway is designed to capture specific information on chronic disease risk factors. This will help to tailor an assessment and streamline the patient to the appropriate programs to support them to optimise their health prior to surgery. Research shows that patients who participate in preoperative wellness interventions have better health outcomes and reduced length of hospital stay. The aim of the Pathway is to encourage patients to take part in the assessment, and assist positive behaviour change to reduce their health risks.

For the first year the Pathway will be limited to patients aged 50 years and over, who are booked on the Elective Surgery Waiting List for knee, hip or shoulder surgery as a category 2 or 3. This scope will be reviewed and potentially expanded from 1 July 2019.

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