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Health Consumers Queensland aims to continually improve the way we work.

HCQ continues to experience significant growth in requests to recruit consumer representatives. This increase demonstrates that consumer partnerships are increasingly valued at all levels of Queensland’s health system.

In order for Health Consumers Queensland to support rising requests with the same size team and resources, we have streamlined our recruitment program.

Queensland Department of Health

In partnership with the Divisions within the Queensland Department of Health, we have identified priority areas or projects where it is integral that consumer partnerships are strong and effective. As such, we will focus our recruitment program on these priority areas. Some of these include COVID-19 vaccinations, value based healthcare, funding reforms, and health equity for First Nations people. If your work falls into an identified priority area (and we will have communicated this with you directly in January 2021), we will support you with recruitment of consumer representatives, provide you with strategic advice, training and support to you in a targeted way.

If your work is focused on other key areas of health, please contact us about your request. We will support your consumer partnerships by providing you with strategic advice and enabling you to find the right consumers and carers through our Statewide Consumer Network. Please follow the recruitment process on these pages to support your consumer recruitment.

Private Sector

If you work in the private or non- government sector such as Primary Health Networks, private hospitals, community health provders or universities, we can work with you to recruit and support health consumer and carer representatives.

Requests for service from organisations that are not a part of Queensland Health incur a service fee. Please contact us for details.

Recruiting consumers to a project?

Find information about the consumer recruitment process here.

Once you have followed this process and completed the position description and application form, please send these documents to

Just promotion?

Our weekly eAlert is emailed to over 2500 Queensland consumers and health service staff. Each edition includes selected opportunities for consumers from a number of external organisations. If your opportunity benefits health consumers in Queensland, you are welcome to request promotion in eAlert. If we agree to include your promotion.  A fee for promotion may apply. Please contact us for details.

Promotion requirements

  • Your opportunity needs to benefit health consumers in Queensland.
  • Commercial promotion is not considered for eAlert.
  • Limit of 100 words
  • No attachments are included in the eAlert – all extra information needs to be available online, accessed via a link in your promotional text
  • Not all requests for promotion will be accepted.

You can request promotion at any time by completing the form on our Request Promotion page.

Need additional support?

If you require additional support with your consumer engagement, such as recruitment, establishing a consumer advisory group, training for both consumers or staff please email Your request will be assessed by our team through our internal triage process. We will contact you shortly after to let you know if we have capacity to action your request.