Guides and Frameworks

We have a range of publications to support partnerships with staff, consumers and young people, and in digital healthcare.

Recruiting consumers?

Once you are clear about the purpose of the activity you are recruiting for and the role any consumer representatives will play, you are ready to commence the consumer recruitment process

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Our shared focus is creating strong and sustainable consumer partnerships in Queensland. By joining you will become a part of a network of skilled, connected people working together to make the health system the best it can be.

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Training for staff

Do you want to involve health consumers in your work? Not sure how to? Join us to learn everyday skills and strategies to create and support productive partnerships.

Welcome to our new CEO!

Health Consumers Queensland is delighted to welcome Bernadette Praske as Chief Executive Officer

Bernadette joins HCQ with a background in Social Science and an excellent track record of leadership and outcomes in the health and human services sectors

Consultancy services

We offer custom consulting services, using our experience in gathering and understanding people’s real stories and experiences to give useful insights into what consumers think and what they value most.


Our training program supports healthy and robust partnerships between consumers and health organisation staff.

Consumer opportunities

The latest vacancies for consumer representatives

NGO and Private Sector

We offer services to organisations outside of Queensland health too. We work with NGOs and private health organisation, providing services such as training, consultations, advice and consumer recruitment.

Paying consumers

The how, why and when of remuneration and reimbursement, including our Remuneration Position Statement.

Partnership Guides

Our publications to help you create strong healthy consumer partnerships

Recruiting consumers

Everything you need to know, from first thoughts to supporting an ongoing partnership

Join our network

Join up to stay in touch with the latest issues and opportunities

Kitchen Table Discussions

How we use Kitchen Table Discussions, focus groups and co-design to consult with the broader community.

Consumer consultations

Our library of consumer opinions on everything from COVID testing to mental health to hospital in the home care.


Our YouTube channel is a rich library of consumer partnership resources

Our COVID response

Our work with consumers and staff and how consumer input influenced Queensland Health’s COVID-19 response


Whether you are experienced in consumer partnerships or just beginning your journey, we are here to support consumers and health staff work together to build a stronger health system