Strategic Direction 2022-2025

Our Mission

Health Consumers Queensland enables and empowers consumers to influence, lead and drive better health outcomes.

Our Vision

Consumers and community partnering with the health system for consumer-centred health care for all Queenslanders.

Our Values

• Leadership • Positive Impact • 

• Fairness • Innovation • 

 • Partnership • Zing and Zest • 

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Leadership, advocacy, and representation of consumers at all levels of the health system

As the peak body for consumers, we provide an informed, collective consumer voice. We are a leader in contemporary approaches to consumer engagement and participation. We provide strategic advice to all levels of the health system and Government on issues of consumer concern and consumer-identified solutions. We advocate for meaningful consumer representation to be embedded in decision making and oversight mechanisms at all levels of the health system. We are a conduit to ensure diverse consumer voices and experience shape the delivery of health services. We act to position the voices and visibility of First Nation consumers to ensure that what is important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is central in health system reforms; service improvements, and health justice and equity responses.

Objective 2

Enabling consumers and the health system to work together to ensure safe, equitable and accessible healthcare

HCQ builds consumer, staff, and system capacity to co-design an equitable and accessible health system through collaborative, integrated and consumer-centred approaches. We drive uptake to these approaches in the health system by providing support, strategic advice, training, and advocacy.

Objective 3

Facilitating the central role of consumers in innovation, technology and research that delivers a healthy future

We ensure consumers are active contributors to innovation, technology and research policy and projects. We actively promote co-design approaches so that new technologies and delivery models are fit for purpose and to the benefit of all Queenslanders. We harness and utilise evidence-based approaches to inform decision-making and policy advocacy.

Objective 4

Supporting consumers to be active participants in their healthcare

We enable consumer confidence and encourage them to be informed so they:

  • Understand their healthcare rights
  • Know where to access reliable health information
  • Make informed decisions about their health
  • Understand the consumer-clinician capacity for shared decision making

We support the health system to partner with consumers to create tools and resources to support this.

Strategic Direction 2022-2025

Our printable Strategic Direction 2022-2025 is a one-page snapshot of all that drives our work, including our mission, vision and values, our objectives, and our areas of focus.