A holiday message to our wonderful health consumers, carers and health staff across Queensland

Finally, we are at the end of this never-ending year.

As news started to filter through at this same time last year of a concerning new virus, few of us could have foreseen that COVID-19 would go on to wreak havoc and heartbreak across the globe on such a massive scale.

We know that in many ways we are ‘lucky’ here in Queensland but we are also aware that in order to contain the virus we have had to bear the consequences of strict and sometimes painful restrictions. You may have lost a loved one and been unable to attend their funeral. You may have welcomed a new baby into the world without being able to share the joy and receive support in those early days. You may have been stranded in Australia, have a precarious visa status or be homeless, and have felt abandoned. You may have felt overwhelmed by having to work harder than you’ve ever worked whilst home-schooling your children or you may have lost your job or your business and be fearful of what the future holds.

This year has forced us to dig deep and tap into reserves of fortitude, resilience and adaptability that we never knew we had. In our separation, isolation and darkest moments, we have needed connection – to be seen, heard and considered – more than ever. And we’ve used our ability to innovate or be resourceful so that we can continue to reach out to our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues and people who can support us. (more…)

Going the extra mile in 2020

From a sombre starting point at the onset of lockdown when the Health Consumers Queensland team were faced with the prospect of COVID-19 significantly impacting the work of the many wonderful health consumers on our network as well as our engagement partners at Queensland Health, we are instead ending the year able to celebrate extraordinary growth across the health engagement space with you all.

We have never seen such incredible numbers. And we are so proud of how hard we have all worked this year to ensure consumer voices are heard when key decisions are being made – going the extra mile time and time again to achieve this. Thank you to everyone involved and a special thanks to our extraordinary team:

Melissa Fox, Chief Executive Officer
A key part of Melissa Fox’s role this year has been to strongly advocate for consumer involvement in all parts of the health system. She sits on key committees and decision-making groups and has been a true and strong voice ensuring consumers are involved in key decision-making.

Indeed, without Melissa’s advocacy early in March at a large system wide forum with representatives from Queensland Health, including the Chief Health Officer and the Director-General, where she identified the potential consequences of Queensland’s health system not engaging swiftly and meaningfully with consumers and the community, the voice of consumers may not have been heard to the extent they have. “Speak up even when your voice shakes”, is a phrase that seems quite a good fit for Melissa this year. She’s been a fearsome leader and we’ve achieved what we have largely because of her determination to ensure consumers are heard. Thank you. (more…)

Review a brochure to improve a chronic disease management service

Closing date: Thursday, 17 December 2020 

The Health Contact Centre, Health Support Queensland, Department of Health is providing  two health consumer representatives an opportunity to review a service brochure for the Self Management of Chronic Conditions program, formerly known as The COACH Program. It is a free telephone coaching program that supports people with:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (emphysema or chronic bronchitis)

Role of the consumer

The consumer is required to receive the brochure via email and to provide specific feedback on the design and content of the brochure in a written format such as via email feedback or tracked changes. This feedback will be incorporated into the final design and will influence the design of any future collateral.


eAlert: Looking back and looking forward with consumers from our COVID-19 Community of Interest

2020 will go down as the year when consumers in Queensland stood shoulder to shoulder with their public health system thanks to the efforts of so many committed and passionate consumers and dedicated consumer champions within Queensland Health.

So please forgive us if we shed quite a few happy tears during our final Consumer Conversation for the year on Wednesday. Fourteen consumers, Health Consumers Queensland team members and Dr Alex Markwell, Chair of the Queensland Clinical Senate and a tireless consumer champion who supported our bid to be around the table at the beginning of COVID-19 and has partnered meaningfully with us throughout this time, had much to celebrate.

Together we shared our perspectives on the incredible HCQ Covid-19 Community of Interest and reflected upon the impact that the conversations, consultations and discussions held during this extraordinary time in all our lives.

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Hospital in the Home Consumer Consultation Report

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) performs a stewardship role in relation to Queensland public Hospital in the Home (HITH) services. In recent years, while CEQ has collaborated with HITH services statewide to optimise the uptake of service delivery in Queensland, robust consumer engagement regarding HITH has not occurred.

In November 2020, Health Consumers Queensland undertook consultation with grassroots community via 15 kitchen table discussions. The outcomes of the consultation enable CEQ to explore current perceptions about HITH (awareness/knowledge) and consumer’s appetite for virtual care provision.

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