Join the Statewide Ryan’s Rule Committee

Closing date: 9am, Monday, 15th March 2021

Ryan’s Rule is a three-step process to support patients of any age, their families and carers, to raise concerns if a patient’s health condition is getting worse or not improving as well as expected. Ryan’s Rule applies to all patients admitted to any Queensland Health public hospital—including the emergency department—and in some Hospital in the Home (HITH) services.

The Department of Health welcomes applications to join the Statewide Ryan’s Rule Committee to make improvements to the statewide Ryan’s Rule Program from a consumer and carer perspective.


A seat at the decision-making table

As the State faces an uncertain economic future with the pandemic draining the public purse, a looming recession and a significant burden of chronic disease and health inequity, key decisions about funding,
resourcing and service priorities are only going to get tougher. However, currently, consumers do not have a seat at the table to help shape these decisions even though their health care and health outcomes are directly affected by them.


The COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in Queensland: What would build your confidence?

Amidst intense media coverage and the release of limited information by the Commonwealth and State Governments, our first Consumer Conversation of 2021 focused on hearing what consumers are looking for from Queensland Health’s engagement and communications to underpin informed decision-making and instill public confidence in the plans to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination.


Join the Mental Health Community Support Services Program Evaluation Steering Committee

Closing date extended: 9am, Monday 22nd March 2021

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research (QCMHR) is inviting people with lived experience of the Queensland Health’s Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) programs within the last 12-24 months to join a Steering Committee to support an evaluation project.

Queensland Health’s Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch has commissioned QCMHR to evaluate the four Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) programs delivered by non-government organisations, in order to inform their future design, delivery and sustainability.


Host a Kitchen Table Discussion about

Closing date for applications: 4pm, Friday 19 February 2021

Health Consumers Queensland invites three consumers to host kitchen table discussions with their local community networks to provide feedback on the Access My Healthcare website and mobile application.

Access My Healthcare brings together all health and wellbeing services and providers into a single, integrated, easy to use website and app. It connects Queensland health and wellbeing services to consumers and carers, clinicians and the community.