The National Health and Medical Research Council’s statement about consumers in research states: “Consumer and community involvement is about research being carried out with or by consumers and community members rather than to, about or for them.”

Held over two days at Gold Coast University Hospital in August, the Emergency Care Research Symposium showcased an array of collaborative and innovative emergency care related research programs.

HCQ’s Engagement Advisor, Reema Naresh and consumer representative, Zehnab Vayani co-delivered a masterclass on involving consumers in emergency care related research to Emergency Department researchers and collaborators, clinicians, academics, consumer advisory group members, policy makers and health leaders.

Reema and Zehnab guided participants through HCQ’s Consumer and Community Engagement Framework  which will enable consumers to be active research partners not just participants at all levels of research activity. This includes planning, seeking funding, conducting the research and communicating the outcomes.

Reema said, “Zehnab and I helped participants understand the value of partnering with consumers and come away with a clear understanding of how to apply an engagement framework to their research programs.”