Issues Paper: Get Back to Basics

Issues Paper: Get Back to Basics

As the first month of 2022 draws to a close, Health Consumers Queensland continues to listen to health consumer and carers across the state of their experience of accessing, getting and receiving healthcare and information.

This week the key themes that have emerged from health consumers include significant concerns for people’s safety and wellbeing in Residential Aged Care Facilities, those locking down for long periods of time, and people with disability.

 A joint statement from consumers, community, clinician and unions was issued called for immediate action from both the Commonwealth and State governments to give priority access to key measures for people with disability. Read the joint statement here: Open Letter to Commonwealth and State governments calling for immediate actions – Queenslanders With Disability Network (

There is still widespread lack of access to RATs for those who need them most.

And getting the right, simple and easy to follow information on all things COVID when so much is changing so quickly.

  • Significant concerns about safety and wellbeing for people with disability and aged care residents
  • Communication gaps
  • Lack of access to RATs

Read the Issues Paper to understand the issues in more detail.

“There is no time” – What consumers have told us this week (17-21 January 2022)

From a system that doesn’t support people with any vulnerabilities, including those with a disability, to a growing sense that we’ve run out of time, both consumers and health staff want a plan forward rather than crisis management.

The key themes you raised during HCQ’s Thursday evening online Coffee & Connect session and other online engagement included:

• Access to care and care for COVID patients
• Testing
• Vaccinations
• On-going health concerns (not COVID-related)
• Long COVID
• Be open and transparent

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What‘s the information you need right now? What consumers are saying today?

Health consumers and carers identify key issues and give suggestions of key actions. Issues include:

  • Consumers online today were very worried. They feel like there is no plan.
  • They are very worried that people are going to die unnecessarily because there is no plan.
  • Current consumer experiences shared today include being unable to get food or medications in rural and remote areas.
  • Consumers want knowledge but underpinning this knowledge and information, they want reassurance that the government has got a plan particularly now so close to the peak.

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How are you going living with COVID – Tell us what is happening?

Health Consumes Queensland wants to know how you are going living with COVID. If you have stories or information you wish to share, please use this form.  We have created it so that you can share things with us at a time that is convenient for you.

Information you share with us will be gathered anonymously and shared with relevant Queensland Health leads and others in the health system to inform them of the barriers consumers face and the support they need.

Complete this online form and we will check it regularly.

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Urgent Consumer Issues

Urgent Consumer Issues

Queensland’s border opening just prior to Christmas, coupled with the dramatic rise in cases from the highly infectious Omicron variant and recent adoption of national policy shifts has meant Queensland’s pandemic preparedness has been deeply tested.

An exhausted health workforce and Queenslanders have faced the challenges of the last three weeks with agility, resilience and commitment.

During this time Health Consumers Queensland, consumer and community organisations have been escalating issues, sharing resources, and supporting care providers and consumers.

This Hot Issues Brief paper is a summary of issues of importance to consumers in this response that need to be urgently resolved.

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