Radical thinking by consumers and clinicians leads to innovative solutions

Radical thinking has led to innovative solutions and recommendations for the delivery of high quality and safe health care, following Queensland Clinical Senate’s* latest meeting series Reimagining healthcare: for the next phase and beyond  which was held between March and June 2022.

Twelve consumers worked together with clinicians from across the health system to identify what access to quality care could look like in the near future.

Consumer representative, Zehnab Vayani called upon her family’s lived experience with a vivid presentation which set the scene for everyone present online. After describing what good care has not looked like during the pandemic, for example, delays to care and little information or updates for themselves and their GP, she went on to imagine the difference that good, radically transformed, timely care could make to her family.

For the second session, Zehnab was joined by fellow consumer representatives, Maureen Woodward and Jordan Frith, to present scenarios and work with clinicians and other consumers to co-design a vision for three new models of delivering care. These included transforming the experience for consumers who become unwell at night or after hours, improving the referral pathway from GP to specialist and improving the transition from in-patient to at-home care.

In June consumers and clinicians met face-to-face for the first time for the final session which focused on the next steps and the barriers which need to be removed.

A summary of the sessions and QCS’s report and recommendations will be available on QCS’s website shortly.

HCQ would like to thank all the consumers involved for your valuable contributions throughout this QCS meeting series.

*The Queensland Clinical Senate represents and connects clinicians from across the health system, providing strategic advice and leadership on system-wide issues affecting the quality, affordability and efficient delivery of patient care within Queensland.