The way we receive and experience health care has changed so quickly during the past few months. As with any situation, both challenges and opportunities have come from living through a global pandemic. While the negatives are easy to identify, we have also seen Queensland Health: ​

  • Involve consumers in new and innovative ways ​
  • Quickly implement new models of care​ such as widespread access to telehealth and hospital in the home
  • Reduce care that is of low benefit ​
  • Roll out changes that have been long suggested but have not previously gained traction ​
  • Achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness of established care models. ​

Meanwhile, here at Health Consumers Queensland, we are connecting and consulting directly with consumers far more than we ever have, in newly adopted ways, and we’ve been able to amplify your voices with greater impact, urgency and meaning than ever before.

And what do consumers think? As the Queensland Clinical Senate gears up to meet with its clinicians on 18 May to explore the innovative practices in health care which have been developed during COVID-19, Health Consumers Queensland has embraced the opportunity this week to ask our consumer groups to reflect on what the public health system’s response has meant to them.

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