At the end of 2021, a small research team including two consumers (Elizabeth Miller and Bernadette Tanner), a PhD candidate, Ruth Cox, and her supervisors, Professor Matthew Molineux and Associate Professor Melissa Kendall from Griffith Uni and QEII Hospital shared their Capability Framework for Successful Partnerships in Healthcare Quality Improvement and promised to update readers on any new developments.

Elizabeth is pleased to report that since that paper was published, an International e-Delphi Expert Panel from eight different countries, and a local Research Advisory Group have refined, made some adjustments, evaluated and confirmed that the Framework does indeed map out the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviours everyone needs to work together effectively in quality improvement (QI).

The framework is now called Building successful partnerships in healthcare quality improvement: A capability development framework for service users, families, communities and staff.

This framework can be used by individuals and organisations to review and reflect on learning needs, develop learning materials and training, and as a resource for supervision, mentoring and peer support for both healthcare staff and consumers.

If you would like a copy of the framework, please contact