Martin Chambers is a well-known member of HCQ’s network and currently sits on the Health Consumers Collaborative of Queensland. He has also been the Advancing Kidney Care 2026 (AKC2026) Collaborative’s consumer representative since its inception in late 2018.

In their September 2021 Communique, the AKC2026 Collaborative recognised and thanked him for his exceptional contribution to improving quality care for people with kidney disease. In their words, “For the past 15 years Martin has applied his many skills and lived experience to health advocacy, with a focus on patients with kidney disease, their carers’, and the building of strong and sustainable consumer partnerships with the public health system. Martin notes that ‘the best training you can get is when a loved one depends on you to keep them functional.’”

“Martin has had many significant roles within the Collaborative. He was the consumer lead in the AKC2026 workgroup that created the kidney supportive care chapter of the Queensland Health framework for delivering quality care to people with kidney disease. This work went on to receive first prize in the 2019 Queensland Health Awards for Excellence; Minister’s Award for Excellence.

In addition to his tireless support of Collaborative priorities, Martin is also well known in the broader kidney community for his other advocacy roles including those with Kidney Health Australia, Health Consumers Queensland, BEAT-CKD, and more.”