As digital healthcare is set to transform the way health care is delivered and experienced across Queensland, we invite consumers and carers to upskill and build their knowledge on digital health to maximise their impact in future digital health consumer partnering opportunities.

As a first step, Health Consumers Queensland is reaching out to our Statewide Network of consumers and carers via this short survey to understand:

  • Where digital health consumer partnerships are currently happening across the health system.
  • Who would be interested in future digital health opportunities.

What is digital health?
Digital Health is any form of digital technology that supports your healthcare. Digital Health includes all of the following:

  • Electronic medical records instead of paper records
  • Booking and managing your health appointments online
  • Better connecting your care from hospital to your GP and your specialist team
  • Use of telehealth and video conferencing with patients to reduce travel
  • Being supported by your healthcare team to access digital technologies that can be used to monitor, diagnose, treat, and manage illness, and support your health and wellbeing
  • Using your health information (data) to provide you with better health outcomes and a better experience of the healthcare service you receive.

Ultimately, digital health is about you and improving your healthcare journey.

Tell us about your interest in digital health by taking part in this survey here

If you need any support to complete this survey or would like more information, please email or phone 3012 9090.

Thank you!