Host a Kitchen Table Discussion about

Closing date for applications: 4pm, Friday 19 February 2021

Health Consumers Queensland invites three consumers to host kitchen table discussions with their local community networks to provide feedback on the Access My Healthcare website and mobile application.

Access My Healthcare brings together all health and wellbeing services and providers into a single, integrated, easy to use website and app. It connects Queensland health and wellbeing services to consumers and carers, clinicians and the community.


Host a kitchen table discussion to ‘TALK ABOUT’ mental health services and supports for people living in the Darling Downs and West Moreton region

Closing date for applications:  4pm,  Monday 15 February 2021

Health Consumers Queensland has been contracted by Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN to offer five consumers or carers the opportunity to host a kitchen table discussion with their community network to learn about their opinions and experiences of mental health services and supports in the region. These discussions can be held in-person or online.

Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN is funded by the Australian Government to improve primary health care services (services that sit outside of a hospital) in the Darling Downs and West Moreton region.

What is ‘TALK ABOUT’?

  • ‘TALK ABOUT’ is a way for Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN to ask you about your experience with health care in your community.
  • The PHN wants to ‘talk about’ what you think is working well and what you think could be done better in relation to Mental Health services.

What are kitchen table discussions?

Health Consumers Queensland provides opportunities for consumers to lead consultation with their own community.  We do this via Kitchen Table Discussions which are community engagement sessions led by local people for local people. They allow small groups to participate in discussions at a time of day that suits them. The discussions enable health consumers, carers and community members who do not ordinarily participate in healthcare consultation to have their say in a safe and supportive environment.

We are seeking five (5) Consumer Hosts with a strong community network who can bring together up to six community members each to have a discussion in-person or online via Zoom video conferencing between 19 February and 5 March 2021. If online the host will have up to five participants. The Host guides the discussion with a set of questions provided to them and provides the de-identified feedback to Health Consumers Queensland.

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Join the Youth Step Up Step Down Advisory Committee

Applications close at 9am on Monday, 8 February 2021

Are you a consumer with a lived experience of accessing a Youth SUSD service or other child and youth mental health service in Queensland Health? Are you a carer with a lived experience of caring for a person who has accessed a Youth SUSD service or other child and youth mental health service in Queensland Health.

The Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch (MHAODB), Department of Health is seeking one consumer representative and one carer representative to participate as equal members on the Youth Step Up Step Down (Youth SUSD) Advisory Committee.


Join the Queensland Health Website Transformation Advisory Group

Closing date: 9am, Monday 8th February 2021

Queensland Health is seeking two consumer representatives to join its Website Transformation Advisory Group. The representatives will provide consumer perspectives on the transformation project, which includes the following website properties.

Department of Health Departmental information
Qld Government site Queensland Health public content
HHS sites Hospital and health Service sites
Campaign sites e.g. Dear Mind campaign
Co-branded sites e.g. BreastScreen Queensland



The purpose of the Website Transformation Project is to deliver a better public health website network for patients, the public, clinicians, staff and other stakeholders.

The purpose of the Website Transformation Advisory Group (“the Advisory Group” or “WebTAG”) is to provide governance, advice and guidance to the project team running the Project within Strategic Communications Branch (SCB).


First Nations’ Consumer Representative Opportunity: Patient Access Advisory Committee Member

Closing date: 9am, Thursday 4th February 2021.

The Department of Health is providing one (1) First Nations’ health consumer representative the opportunity to participate in the Patient Access Advisory Committee (PAAC) to help establish system-level performance oversight and monitoring of Patient Flow in Queensland Public Hospitals.


The Patient Access Advisory Committee (PAAC) is a Tier 3 committee to provide strategic advice to the System Management Advisory Committee (SMC) on issues affecting consumer access to public acute health services and timely flow through the episode of patient care.

The primary functions of the Committee are to:

  1. Provide strategic advice to Queensland Health System Management Advisory Committee (SMAC) on strategies to support system-wide opportunities for improvement in patient flow, with the goal to improve access to care.
  2. Review and refine existing protocols to align to best practice and ensure safety and quality of service delivery is maintained.
  3. Understand key pressure points of patient flow in the system to target service improvement.


Review a brochure to improve a chronic disease management service

Closing date: Thursday, 17 December 2020 

The Health Contact Centre, Health Support Queensland, Department of Health is providing  two health consumer representatives an opportunity to review a service brochure for the Self Management of Chronic Conditions program, formerly known as The COACH Program. It is a free telephone coaching program that supports people with:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (emphysema or chronic bronchitis)

Role of the consumer

The consumer is required to receive the brochure via email and to provide specific feedback on the design and content of the brochure in a written format such as via email feedback or tracked changes. This feedback will be incorporated into the final design and will influence the design of any future collateral.


Host a Kitchen Table Discussion about the Mental Health Review Tribunal

Applications close at 4pm, Thursday, 21 January 2021

Health Consumers Queensland has an opportunity for eight consumers and/or carers to lead a consultation with their local community through a kitchen table discussion to learn about their knowledge of and/or experience with the Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT).

About the project

Health Consumers Queensland has been contracted by the Mental Health Review Tribunal (the Tribunal) to undertake consultation with Queenslanders about their knowledge of and experience with the Tribunal.

The primary purpose of the Tribunal is to review the involuntary status of persons with a mental illness and/or intellectual disability. The Tribunal also provides approval for the performance of electroconvulsive therapy and non-ablative neurosurgical procedures. The Tribunal is an independent decision-making body under the Mental Health Act 2016 and is not part of any health service or treating team. (more…)

Join the Statewide Trauma Clinical Network Steering Committee

Closing date: Monday, 11 January 2021

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) is offering one health consumer representative a unique opportunity to join the Statewide Trauma Clinical Network (STCN) Steering Committee as a member.

Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) partners with Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvements in patient care through the continual pursuit of excellence. CEQ does this by identifying, monitoring and promoting improvements in the quality of health services delivered by service providers (both HHSs and private health facilities, globally and within Queensland), and supporting and facilitating the dissemination of best-practice clinical standards and processes that achieve better outcomes for our patients. For more information see

Statewide Clinical Networks provide clinical leadership, expertise and advice to Queensland Health with the aim of improving consumer outcomes and experience. They work collaboratively across Queensland to develop and implement evidence-based practice in a coordinated way to achieve high quality healthcare. Find more information on the Statewide Clinical Networks here.

Definition of Trauma
For the purposes of the core work of the STCN, trauma is defined as any physical injury sustained by a physical mechanism. Although physical injury can be associated with emotional or psychological injury, the health consumer experience of the initial physical trauma journey is of most relevance within the STCN. (more…)