In late August 2022, consumer representatives and HCQ network members, Anh Tho Tien and Rajini Eschwarachar Shankar joined our new Project Support Coordinator, Declan Winterton at Seqwater’s Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant for a tour of its recycled water facility.

The tour is a follow-up to the work HCQ undertook for Seqwater in 2021 which included Kitchen Table Discussions and a short-term communication co-design consumer reference group. Tho and Rajini were involved in the project and were keen to take the offer of a tour of the Seqwater facilities.

Rajini said, “The Seqwater grid was a really amazing big plant, well built with highly advanced treatment technologies like treatment processes, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet advanced oxidation and disinfection to produce purified recycled water.

I like Seqwater’s long-term planning aim to ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply maintained in South East Queensland. Because of the scarcity of water, not enough fresh water and groundwater, and also more cost to the desalination process of salt water, recycling waste water is most convenient and economical too.”