Online Q & A with Chief Health Officer and Chief Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Officer

3 March 2021

Almost 100 people joined Health Consumers Queensland’s Q&A Forum for First Nations consumers, carers and health workers on the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young, and Queensland’s Chief Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Officer and Deputy Director-General, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Ms Haylene Grogan joined us to share the latest information and answer participants’ questions.

What we heard

People want to know:

  • how the vaccine works
  • how people in Phase 1B will be notified and the plans for roll-out in remote communities
  • how safe is it for people with chronic health conditions, allergies, previous poor responses to vaccines
  • how will information be provided at a local level in way that consumers may want it (colourful images, not text heavy)
  • how people will give consent

Communities need good, clear, messages that meet the needs of a diverse group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Thank you for sharing all your questions and concerns and giving us your feedback in the post-forum survey. Your feedback indicates that many of you felt like most of your questions were answered but we are also aware that we couldn’t get through all your questions on the night.