Partnering Better Together

Partnering Better Together: Key ideas in consumer partnerships

A Health Consumers Queensland virtual symposium

Health consumer partnerships keep getting stronger, but we’re not there yet!  Creating accessible and equitable partnerships remains an ongoing challenge for many, but does it need to be that way?

Join our online event to meet a diverse group of staff and customers working together and explore how they make their partnership work so well. Learn their tips for success, cheer for their wins, and find out what they’ve learned from tough times.

  • Hear from other partnership enthusiasts to better understand the key ideas behind partnerships and what keeps them going strong.
  • Join our lively discussion with experts and other people from Queensland and Australia. Do some Jargon Busting with us by sharing your confusing healthcare term online for the panel to unpick.
  • Find a local hub hosting a viewing event and meeting others working towards better partnerships

This Health Consumers Queensland virtual symposium is an engaging and interactive event to get you even more excited about consumer partnerships. Grow your confidence and connect with others who are on the same partnership journey as you.

This free event is open to anyone, no matter where you live or work.

Begins 10am 13 June 2024

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Hosting an event? Find information and promotion resources here

What's on the program?

From consumer to representative

  • Four experienced consumers discuss how they began, what they would do differently, and the important things they have learned along the way.

Ways of partnering

  • We look at three different ways consumers and organisations work together, and hear from staff and consumers about their experiences and tips for success.


  • Simple language and health literacy – what is it and why does it matter
  • What does that mean? Our panel of experts shine a light on a range of terms used in healthcare and partnerships. Do you have a terms you’d like explained? Ask it here and the panel will tackle it!

Event host

Leonie Sanderson

Leonie Sanderson

Director and Cofounder The Ageing Revolution and People Tech Revolution

Leonie Sanderson is a warm and engaging facilitator with a deep understanding of consumer partnerships. She is an experienced service and product designer, with a special focus on the bringing the lived experience of older people, younger people, women, and carers into the design process. Over the past 20 years, Leonie’s work has melded co-design and engagement with strategy and innovation in tech – a human-centred design approach.

As co-founder of People Tech Revolution and The Ageing Revolution, she has worked on the design and development of VR apps to increase empathy and fight bias, for clients such as Mater and the Mayo Clinic, consulted on telehealth solutions for Queensland Health and created the imagery of ageing project ‘Pikme’. She is currently a member of the QLD XR Hub Advisory Board and a volunteer with the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI). In 2021, Leonie project managed the QUT project Transforming Aged Care with Virtual Reality.

Hosting a viewing event

We invite health organisations to take this opportunity to invite consumers and staff to view the webcast together on a big screen and participate in the online engagement. This could be a great opportunity to increase interest in consumer involvement in your local community and in your organisation.

This will be an interactive event, so your participants can join in on HCQ Engage.



  • 13 June 2024
  • Webcast runs 10am – 2pm
  • Webcast breaks for lunch for 30 minutes where your participants can take a break, discuss the topics and enjoy something to eat.
  • Webcast content will be aimed at both consumers and health staff
  • Online engagement will be conducted throughout the webcast, allowing participants to ask questions, make comments and give their responses.

Why host an event?

Hosting a viewing event can help you meet some of your consumer partnership goals, such as:

Bringing new consumers into the HHS to get a taste of what consumer partnering is about and sign up  to your network or mailing list 

  • Promote the event in local media with a brief introduction to the idea of consumer involvement. Invite an experienced consumer along to tell about the benefits of being involved.
  • Get consumers who are already partnering with you to bring someone along who may be interested
  • Ask clinical staff to suggest it to patients and promote it in their waiting areas
  • Make contact with local condition-specific groups and invite them along
  • Consider hosting in a local library or other venue away from the hospital

A training event with a difference to build the skills and knowledge of your consumers and organisation staff

  • This is an opportunity to offer something different to a traditional training session. The key idea of this event is to increase understanding of consumer partnerships and the key concepts involved. If you are looking to give your organisation some training in partnerships, we have you covered!

Revitalising interest in engagement for consumers you haven’t seen in a while

  • Disengaged consumers may be tempted by a chance to network, build their skills and enjoy an event that rekindles their enthusiasm

Strengthen relationship with active consumers

  • Would some of your regular consumers appreciate the opportunity to speak with newcomers and share what they enjoy about partnering with your organisation?
  • A training and skills opportunity for your active consumers, and an opportunity to connect with others.

Bringing staff with an interest in consumer partnerships together to get to know each other and create a community of practice

  • Make it clear that staff can drop in and out of the event to make it easy for them to squeeze it into a busy schedule
  • Ask your organisation to promote it to all staff members via an email

A casual networking event where staff and consumers get to know each other

  • Promote it as a friendly event that is full of great ideas to build their partnerships knowledge (and that there will be free food!)
  • Increase interest in consumer partnerships in staff at various levels
  • Personally invite key people who you think would benefit from coming. Invite your CE, Board Chair or other leader to open the day and welcome guests and give an overview of engagement in your HHS. It’s a chance for them to meet some consumers, too.