Queensland Digital Health Consumer Charter

Technology is rapidly changing the look and feel of healthcare so it is important that consumers are enabled to be involved in shaping the direction this takes.

The Queensland Digital Health Consumer Charter has been developed by health consumers and carers to reflect their priorities and needs in relation to digital health. Digital health is a technology which has been introduced into the health system and is a critical enabler of 21st century healthcare.

Health consumers can use this Charter to know what they can expect from Queensland health services in regard to digital health and new healthcare technology. It can help consumers start conversations with their care team to better understand their healthcare options and make informed choices.

Queensland Health, health services and other health organisations can use this Charter to ensure consumer voices are listened to and use it to inform the development of digital health policies, programs and design of new technologies that impact on consumers, their family and community.

What is digital health?

Digital Health is any form of digital technology that supports your healthcare. Digital Health includes all of the following:

  • Electronic medical records instead of paper records
  • Booking and managing your health appointments online
  • Better connecting your care from hospital to your GP and your specialist team
  • Use of telehealth and video conferencing with patients to reduce travel
  • Being supported by your healthcare team to access digital technologies that can be used to monitor, diagnose, treat, and manage illness, and support your health and wellbeing
  • Using your health information (data) to provide you with better health outcomes and a better experience of the healthcare service you receive.

Ultimately, digital health is about you and improving your healthcare journey.



My health information is always safe and protected.

Choice and Control

I own my health information

I control who has access to my health information and what they use it for

I am informed about my choices regarding what digital health technology I can access, and I am able to make the best decision to support my healthcare

If I choose not to receive my care using digital health technology, I am informed of all my other options and always supported to make this care accessible


Privacy and Transparency

I am always asked for consent to access or share my health information

I am informed of who is accessing my health information and why they are accessing it



My health information is accurate and kept up-to-date

I know how to have my health information corrected

I am supported by my healthcare team to update and correct my health information


Designing Together

I, and people of all abilities have the opportunity to be involved in the planning, development and evaluation of new and improved digital health technologies


Equity of Access

I am supported to have access to digital health services and technologies not matter who I am or where I live

I can access all my health information at no cost to me or my family



I am supported to understand how best to use digital technologies to improve my health

When I receive care through digital technology it feels friendly and personal

I can use digital technology with ease to access healthcare and my health information

My digital healthcare and health information is provided to me in a way and in language that I can understand

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Queensland Health endorses the Queensland Digital Health Consumer Charter and is committed to its implementation when developing policy, programs and services.