Closing date: 9am, Monday 5 February 2024

Have you or someone you care for required health services in a rural or remote area of Queensland?

Queensland Rural and Remote Clinical Network (QRRCN) Steering Committee invites a consumer or carer to participate.  The position requires personal experience as a health consumer and the ability to present practical advice that reflects health consumers’ real-life experiences. The new role will work collaboratively with the existing consumer / carer on the Committee.

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The Queensland Rural and Remote Clinical Network (QRRCN) functions as a specialist platform to share and provide expertise, advice and recommendations to Hospital and Health Services (HHS) and the Department of Health to support high quality, evidence based, safe, effective, and patient focused, equitable public health services. The QRRCN operates in collaboration between:

    • Rural and remote clinicians.
    • Primary and secondary healthcare providers.
  • Consumers and carers.

Consumers will be paid for their time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s remuneration position statement.

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