Training FAQs

Do you record sessions to watch later?

We do not record our training sessions for a couple of reasons.  Live training creates the opportunity for peer-based learning and builds a community of interest that participants can stay in contact with after the series finishes. We re-run the sessions regularly, so if you miss a session you can make it up at another time. Being a small team, we simply don’t have the time to edit and post videos of the many training sessions we deliver.  We would sooner put that time into running more live sessions.

I cannot find the Zoom Meeting link for the training!

Please check your junk mail folder.

I cannot figure out which training is right for me

All our training is organised into introductory, intermediate and advanced. We have also tried to provide a variety of formats, session lengths and times of day to make it as accessible as possible.

Please contact the Health Consumers Queensland’s office on 3012 9090 or send an email to if you need assistance with what is most suitable for you.

My Hospital and Health Service does not allow us to use Zoom Meetings.

As Queensland Health Staff, you are not able to use Zoom to initiate calls/meetings. However, Queensland Health does permit staff to take part in Zoom sessions initiated by someone else.  All our training session calls will be initiated by Health Consumers Queensland and so are accessible to Queensland Health staff.

I don’t work for Queensland Health, but I would really like to do your training.

If your organisation is not a part of Queensland Health, we can deliver consumer partnerships training to your staff and partnering consumers for a service fee.

We work with private or non-government organisations including:

  • Primary Health Networks
  • Private hospitals
  • Community health providers
  • Community-based NGOs
  • Research organisations
  • Universities

We deliver services outside of Queensland Health on a fee-for-service basis. Being a small team, our ability to provide services depends on our current workload. Please contact us for details.

Please contact the Health Consumers Queensland’s office on 3012 9090 or send an email to to inquire about fee for service training options for your health organisation.