Social Media Policy


Health Consumers Queensland respects everyone’s right to express their thoughts and opinions.

Whilst we encourage constructive conversations on our social media pages or chat in video meetings, we do request that your contributions comply with our Social Media House Rules – to avoid removal of the poster’s comments by page administrators.

Our purpose is to create a community built on respect and over time develop a culture of self-moderation. Through the moderation of our social media pages and chat function in video-based events, we reserve the right to delete comments or block users at our discretion.

Content posted by users doesn’t necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Health Consumers Queensland. You agree to waive Health Consumers Queensland from any liability and/or damages resulting from your participation on our social media channels or video-based events, or any claim arising from any material that you post on our social media channels or video-based events.

Please note that by engaging with Health Consumers Queensland social media channels you grant Health Consumers Queensland right to use and/or distribute any content posted by you in any manner, including to media, without any legal or monetary obligation to you.

For the purposes of this statement, “social media channels” and “video-based events” include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zoom, Teams.

We welcome courteous and respectful participation. We will remove posts or comments that are:

  • Discriminatory, racist, abusive, obscene, inflammatory, sexually explicit or unlawful
  • Offensive, defamatory or aggressive
  • Untrue, inaccurate or puts others at risk of physical, emotional or mental harm
  • Abusive towards specific individuals or groups in a way that’s meant to harass or threaten
  • In violation of copyright or intellectual property rights
  • For the purposes of self-promotion, commercial gain or commentary around personal matters
  • Spam, including link baiting or files containing damaging viruses.