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HCQ Evaluation

Griffith University and Health Consumers Queensland Impact Evaluation Project

Date published: January 2018

Health Consumers Queensland (HCQ) and Griffith University (GU) entered a contract in May 2017 to evaluate the impact that HCQ is having on consumer engagement in Queensland. However, data collection for this interim report has been delayed because of exceedingly complex ethics and governance approvals required before research and evaluation activities can be conducted. These approvals are mostly completed now, but despite best efforts were unable to be obtained in time to inform the current report. Therefore, additional information that assesses the impact of the work of HCQ in Queensland will be available in the next report.

Never-the-less, this interim report contains details from the following evaluation activities:

1. Qualitative interviews with HCQ staff, board members and consumers

2. Website review of publically available consumer engagement information on Hospital and Health Service websites throughout Queensland

3. Policy analysis of publically available policy documents from Hospital and Health Service websites throughout Queensland

4. Qualitative interviews with health consumers throughout Queensland

5. Quantitative surveys of consumers and staff from three NGOs in Queensland

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