Patient Access Advisory Committee

Health Improvement Unit – Clinical Excellence Division

Closing date: 3pm Friday 2 November 2018

A review of the Emergency Services Management Committee (ESMC),showed that there is a need for a greater focus on a whole-of-system approach to public hospital emergency access and flow in a patient’s journey through care. The Patient Access Advisory Committee (PAAC) has been established to support this new approach.

The Committee will:

  • Provide strategic advice to the Leadership Team
  • Review existing protocols
  • Develop steps for improvement

Who is it for?

Ideally, applicants will have lived experience with emergency departments, possibly as a frequent visitor. Experience using Queensland Ambulance Service would be an advantage, but not essential. Applications are welcome from those who have accessed emergency departments and then become an inpatient.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 6 November in Brisbane. For those located in rural and remote areas, video or teleconference facilities are available.

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Statewide Consumer Input – Influence Key Issues in Queensland

Co-design Workshops: Prevention and value in healthcare

Closing date:  8am Thursday 1 November 2018

Queensland Department of Health

Consumers are invited to a series of co-design workshops and meetings centred around the delivery of more and better healthcare through a focus on prevention and value.

In a series of co-design workshops and meetings, the Queensland Department of Health are seeking consumer input on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Cardiac care – focus on care in regional and remote Queensland
  • Orthopaedics – focus on hip fractures, and knee and hip replacements
  • Older people – focus on delivering the right care, in the right place
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health
  • Patient experience surveys
  • Healthy food and drink
  • Queensland Ambulance Service – focus on providing care closer to home


Co-design workshops give consumers the chance to be a part of the key stakeholders, such as policy makers and clinicians, which help develop key policies and work on issues that will impact on Queenslanders across the state.

Role of the consumer

Consumers taking part in these activities will contribute to the understanding of the above topics in Queensland both now and into the future. To raise key consumer and community perspectives that others at the table may not raise. Considerations such as care that is safe and feels safe, and the barriers to accessing healthcare that may be cultural, financial or emotional. Consumers bring their lived experience and those of people in their networks to these discussions. (more…)


10 October 2018 Sorry is a Good First Step

Peak consumer health groups around Australia have welcomed Health Minister Greg Hunt’s apology to women whose lives have been severely impacted by trans vaginal mesh implants.

“We congratulate the Minister for recognising that these women have waited too long for validation from a system that treated them as unreliable witnesses to their own pain and suffering.” “But ‘sorry’ is just a good first step. It doesn’t in itself deliver a happy ending.”

While the government has supported 12 of the 13 recommendations of the Senate’s Inquiry into TVM, half of these are supported in principle rather than in substance. In fact the only tangible initiative is the announcement of a Clinical Quality Register for urogynaelogical procedures and even that commitment is capped at “considering the feasibility” of establishing such a register.

Glaringly absent is any new funding to resource integrated care pathways for affected women.

“We are concerned that State and territory support for mesh affected women has to date been inconsistent and patchy with attempts at meaningful co-design of care pathways happening only in a small number of states.

“These women must be central to the design of appropriately resourced and compassionate, multidisciplinary care that includes access to removal by skilled clinicians, pain management and psychological support. We call upon COAG to direct the states and territories to work together to ensure a nationally consistent service response to women’s healthcare needs.

“While the federal Health Minister has kicked the mesh can down the road to the States he is also calling for system reform through institutional self-regulation. Expecting the various bodies that failed their duty of care to pick up their game without addressing their accountability is a forlorn expectation.”

“Further expecting the TGA to improve its adverse event reporting is at odds with the fact that they have registered 364 events to date compared with the 1,000 women who are parties to class action and the 2,400 women who have reported their experiences directly to consumer health groups. “The Minister needs to act decisively on the question of credentialing surgeons and on mandating informed consent (70% of affected women did not give informed prior consent to their procedure). While we applaud the few substantive initiatives announced in this response, a reliance on nonbinding guidelines and self-regulation by bodies that have failed to self-regulate will not wish the problems of mesh away.

For comment and further information contact:

Melissa Fox (Health Consumers Queensland) 04048 2716 / 07 3012 9090

Danny Vadasz (Health Issues Centre, Victoria) 03 8676 9050

Anthony Brown (Health Consumers New South Wales) 02 9986 1082

Julia Overton (HCA SA) 08 8231 4169 Pip Brennan (Health Consumers WA) 08 9221 3422

Darlene Cox (ACT HCCA) 02 6230 7800

Expression of Interest – Mental Health Experience Surveys Steering Committee

Closing date: close of business Thursday, 15 November 2018


Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, Clinical Excellence Division, Queensland Department of Health

The Department of Health conducts consumer and carer experience surveys in Queensland’s public mental health services. The surveys seek information from service users, carers and the families of young people about their experiences, and use this to plan and implement quality improvement initiatives.

The collection is coordinated by the Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch within the Clinical Excellence Division, and is overseen by a Steering Committee which provides advice and guidance on the framework, implementation, reporting and use of information.


The purpose of the Mental Health Experience Surveys Steering Committee is to provide strategic advice and guidance on the implementation of the Your Experience of Service (YES) and Carer Experience Surveys, including enhancements to the framework and protocols, reporting, and use of consumer and carer experience of care information to inform quality improvement activities in public mental health services.

Steering Committee membership is comprised of clinical staff and consumer/carer consultants from Hospital and Health Services, representatives from Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch and the Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Service. Representation consists of HHSs from regional and metropolitan areas.


Expression of Interest – Queensland Health Online Information Research

Closing date: close of business Monday, 19 November 2018


Strategic Communications Branch, Queensland Department of Health


Queensland Health would like to speak to consumers to understand how, when and where they look for health information, including everything from symptoms and condition information through to how to find a specialist to book an appointment.

Role of the Consumer

Consumers taking part in these interviews will contribute to the understanding of how health information is accessed in Queensland both now and how they would like this to improve in the future. They will also raise key consumer and community perspectives from their personal experience, including considerations such as the barriers to accessing healthcare that may be cultural, financial or emotional. Consumers bring their lived experience and those of people in their networks to these discussions.

Who is this for?

Expressions of interest are invited from consumers who have looked up healthcare information online at any time in the last few months.

Time and Location

A series of one-on-one interviews lasting approximately 30 minutes will be held, either in-person in South Brisbane, or via video conference or phone call.

Remuneration and Support

Consumers who participate will receive a $20 gift card for their time.

How to apply

Please complete this Expression of Interest and return to Health Consumers Queensland via email to: c[email protected]. For assistance completing this Expression of Interest, please contact Michael Taylor via [email protected] or by phone on 07 3012 9090.