Join the working group to develop a risk screening and assessment tool to improve person centred care

Closing date: 9am Friday, 10 September 2021

The Healthcare Improvement Unit is providing one (1) health consumer representative a unique opportunity to participate in the Statewide Comprehensive Assessment and Care Planning (CACP) Project to improve and streamline Comprehensive Care across Queensland Health.

This is a key project of the Frail Older Persons Collaborative is the Comprehensive Assessment and Care Planning (CACP) Project is essential for all patients accessing healthcare but especially important for frail, older adults and those with complex medical problems, cognitive impairment and intellectual disabilities. The Frail Older Persons Collaborative aims to provide person-centred, coordinated, and comprehensive health care that meets patient’s individual needs and reduces the risks of harm associated with healthcare.

The purpose of this small working group is to develop an evidence-based standardised, integrated risk screening and assessment tool which supports patient’s involvement in their care, screens/assesses for risk of common hospital acquired complications and works towards care which is person-centred, coordinated and delivered in a holistic manner by the healthcare team as stated in the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards – Comprehensive Care Standard.

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Join the Expert Advisory Group on the Chronic Disease Prevention Systems Analysis Project

Closing date: 11am Friday 27 August 2021

Have you been affected by or do you have have experience of chronic disease?
Are you currently accessing or have you accessed the public health system?
Do you have a passion and commitment to improving health outcomes for people living with chronic disease or at risk of developing a chronic disease?

The Preventive Health Branch (within Queensland Health) is offering two health consumer representatives the opportunity to participate in an Expert Advisory Group for a 12 month project looking at chronic disease prevention within the Queensland Health system.  By providing your lived experience and insights of the health system you will help to improve its understanding of what chronic disease prevention activity is currently happening, and what could be possible or enhanced.

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HCQ COVID-19 update: August 2021

HCQ COVID-19 update: August 2021

With parts of Queensland in lockdown against the Delta variant for the first time, a public health system under extreme pressure and an acceleration in the vaccine rollout,  HCQ has focused on listening to consumers and carers and staff. We moved mindfully and acted swiftly and strategically to maximise the impact of our small team and the voices of consumers, to help keep Queenslanders safe and well.

Amplifying your voices across the public health system during lockdown

We know there are so many issues for health consumers and the system to navigate during an outbreak . We held a Consumer Conversation to ask how the latest COVID-19 outbreaks in Queensland were affecting you and your health. We also heard from members of our CAG and Youth Reference Group and consumer representatives, consumer, disability, aged and palliative care and culturally and linguistically diverse NGOs to find out how they’ve been impacted by the lockdowns, regional cases and concern about spread.

This is what you told us and what we shared with the public health system: August 2021 – How the latest COVID-19 outbreaks in Queensland are affecting you and your health.


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Join the Virtual Healthcare Working Group

Closing date: 9am, Thursday 12 August 2021

The Department of Health – eHealth Queensland has an exciting opportunity for  two consumer representatives to be members of the strategic, high level Virtual Healthcare Working Group.  The Working Group will provide leadership and oversight of system transformation through the implementation of the Queensland Health Virtual Healthcare Strategy.  The Working Group will provide a statewide forum for the identification of virtual healthcare model opportunities and make recommendations on initiatives with a particular focus on Emergency Department demand.

Queensland Health’s Virtual Healthcare Strategy sets out an exciting pathway to support the delivery of this care to patients through innovative ideas and technology. It will mean more patients can receive care in their home and in their community, regardless of their location, making healthcare more convenient and an accessible service for all.